Super Gene

Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel, 十二翼黑暗炽天使

Chapter 2856 - Demon Alpha

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Chapter 2856: Demon Alpha

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Holding the Sky Vine Radish God Lance, Han Sen opened the door of the next palace. He saw a xenogeneic inside that looked like a lion. He lifted the Sky Vine Radish God Lance and struck it.

It was a butterfly class xenogeneic. Because it was not Han Sen’s opponent anymore, he skipped it and did not bother killing it.

Han Sen was now butterfly class. Killing it would have been a trivial task.

The most important thing was that Han Sen wanted to use it to test out the Sky Vine Radish God Lance’s power.

Han Sen was pretty suspicious about the Sky Vine Radish God Lance. He thought it might work like the phoenix feather, which did not do anything to ordinary creatures and only dealt damage to gods.

The Sky Vine Radish God Lance shone with a green light. It pierced through the xenogeneic’s chest. Even Han Sen was shocked. The god personality armaments were able to be used on ordinary creatures.

Han Sen pulled back his Sky Vine Radish God Lance. He did not see god blood come out. He saw saplings growing out of the wound. They grew like mad. In the blink of an eye, they had weaved together like an old vine to wrap up the xenogeneic’s entire body. It was like a giant vine egg.

The vine egg died quickly. When the old vine had wilted and detached itself from the creature, the xenogeneic no longer had a life force. It had become a dried-up husk.

“Xenogeneic butterfly hunted. God Power Lion: deified xenogeneic gene found.”

Upon seeing this, Han Sen was a bit unnerved. A butterfly class creature had been killed with one hit by the Sky Vine Radish God Lance. The old vines that grew from the wound had sucked the creature’s life dry. That was more chilling than using a knife to kill it.

Han Sen thought about the prospect of old vines growing out of his own body. It gave him goosebump. He shuddered at the thought.

“The power of this lance is as good as the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze. With my power now, I should be able to use the shield and Charming God Jian. I also have Purgatory Heaven, a Nine Spin Destiny Mirror, and Siren Bottle. Even if I don’t use Super God Spirit mode, I should be able to battle a true god class elite.” Han Sen had never fought a true god class elite before. He was not sure.

“The Nine Spin Destiny Mirror and Siren Bottle do not seem to have attacking powers. They are unique treasures, and Little Angel has Purgatory Heaven. I can only use the Shield of the Medusa’s Gaze and Charming God Jian. Hm, maybe I can use the Charming God Jian. Right now, I won’t be consumed by that weapon’s power.” Han Sen noticed he had amassed quite the trove of treasures. Although quite a few of them had unique powers, only a few of the treasures could not be used in combat.

Of course, most of those items had been collected when Han Sen was Han Sen. So he did not plan on using them in the god fight.

“If luck is on my side, one Sky Vine Radish God Lance should be enough to get me into the top 100.” Han Sen kept stroking the Sky Radish God Lance. He really liked it.

Han Sen returned to the garden. God was sitting on a chair, watching the god fights.

“You came back just in time. This should be the best match so far. Come and watch it.” God smiled at Han Sen as he spoke.

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Han Sen looked at the geno god list’s space battleground. He saw there was an unfamiliar Dragon in space. Although he did not know anything about the beast, he could tell it was grossly frightening.

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