Super Gene

Twelve Winged Dark Burning Angel, 十二翼黑暗炽天使

Chapter 2003 - Stone Cow

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Chapter 2003 Stone Cow

Shi Beifeng’s people had not reacted yet. They were still holding the cage while they stared at the stumbling Crystal Kirin in shock.

The Crystal Kirin lifted itself up off the ground. It wished to fly off, but before long, it fell back down again.

Han Sen patted the Crystal Kirin’s head, and very much like a turtle, it barely moved. He grabbed the Crystal Kirin and threw it into the cage. Then, he closed the cage door.

“Brother Shi, the mission has been accomplished. Okay, I have to go. I’ll return the tablet to you in a month.” After that, Han Sen mounted his legless crane and left.

“That’s it?” The people snapped out of their daze. They looked at the caged Crystal Kirin in befuddlement.

Someone sighed and said, “When he fought Lone Bamboo, it was an acceptable bout. But when he fights against normal Earls, they don’t stand a chance against him. Even mutant Earl xenogeneics can be captured so easily? He must be the strongest.”

Shi Beifeng looked at them expressionlessly and said, “The strength of an elite that can fight Lone Bamboo isn’t something you lot can ever guess.”

Han Sen rode the legless crane to a flat mesa. It was difficult to fight in the water, and a mountainous landscape would be hard to navigate. Open plains were the easiest places to fight.

But before Han Sen made it over the mountains, he heard a bird in the sky. There was a big black bird that was ten meters long, coming down from the clouds.

Han Sen pulled out Ghost Teeth Knife and slashed with his knife air. The bird’s body was quickly shattered.

“Xenogeneic Earl hunted. Black-Feather Bird: xenogeneic gene found.”

Rare Beast Island was a great place for Han Sen. There were many Earl xenogeneics about, and in less than a week, Han Sen was able to obtain all the Earl genes he required. He reached a hundred.

The legless crane was able to dine on a lot of the xenogeneic flesh, too. And Han Sen also gave Bubble a lot of energy. It evolved and became a Viscount.

But Bubble was still not very useful. It could make itself look like an ordinary creature, but it couldn’t wield their actual powers.

“There’s still most of the month left. It’d be a waste to leave it now. Why don’t I use this opportunity to hunt some Marquises? That way, I won’t have to look for them when I become one myself.” Han Sen hunted Earls as he scoured the land, looking to pick up the trail of a Marquise.

After Han Sen leveled up his Dongxuan Sutra, his power had grown. Super Spank had become stronger, but more importantly, the Dongxuan Sutra could now be used to build up a sequence structure.

Han Sen could use the Dongxuan Aura to see sequence structures, and he could break the substance between. Doing this severed the substance’s chain.

But Han Sen’s power had to be strong enough to break them, of course. If he was unable to do that, then Super Spank was useless.

Now the Dongxuan Aura had a different substance that could link sequence chains, allowing him to combine two different powers. It was similar to how Han Sen could use sword and knife powers simultaneously. Doing that, he’d become much more powerful.

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With Han Sen’s power, using the Dongxuan Aura to fight Marquise creatures wouldn’t be too difficult.


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