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Chapter 408 - Muddying the Waters

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Chapter 408: Muddying the Waters

“Master, your fried paste noodles and cola.” The little robot Pod respectfully brought a food tray over, with two large bowls of noodles and a glass of cola.

The golden-colored noodles gave off a fragrance which could be smelled from a distance. Green leafy vegetables were placed orderly above—a lovely sight that would whet anyone’s appetite at first glance.

“Pod, your skills are steadily improving. You’ll soon catch up to even the most experienced cooks found in Shanghai.” Xia Fei patted Pod’s head as he gave it high praise.

“Shanghai? Is that somewhere fun?” Pod crooked his head and asked.

Xia Fei was put in a somewhat awkward spot. Earth was in the Endaro Star Region, which had already been colonized by the insectoids. Xia Fei had been made aware of this after reading a battle report over the insectoid internet.

He had no clue if the Forbidden City, Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, and other such structures that symbolized Earth culture had been destroyed or knew nothing of what had happened to Old Whitey selling beef buns or the bearded Ning selling mutton skewers, including those neighbors whom he was familiar with and his friends from his own company, Quantum Holdings; Xia Fei was worried about them all in his heart.

In the past, he would always complain about the sandstorms in Shanghai during spring or the traffic going at a snail’s pace along the busy streets. Only now did he realize that such things were difficult to accumulate but so very easily destroyed.

The unaware Pod was still waiting expectantly for Xia Fei’s answer, and he could only force himself to flash a slight smile as he casually replied, “It’s not bad.”

Furball, who was sleeping sprawled on the couch, suddenly bounced on his feet, letting quite a roar in the warship command deck with bleary eyes as if he were extremely angry. After he was done with its bout of tantrum, Furball hopped back on the couch and buried his head beneath the pile of magazines as the godly beast resumed his sleep, seemingly having just experienced sleepwalking.

“What’s with Furball?” Phantom asked, laughing.

Xia Fei replied, “That guy felt a change in my emotions and thought I had stumbled upon an enemy. He went crazy in his groggy state for a bit, but upon realizing that nothing’s happening, he plopped back to sleep.”

Phantom nodded. Ever since Furball and Xia Fei signed the contract and mentally connected with each other, the little creature had been getting angry whenever Xia Fei was mad, happy whenever Xia Fei was in a good mood. Unfortunately, Xia Fei had not been feeling too happy recently, so Furball’s temper was slowly becoming more and more easily irritable.

Shoveling a few mouthfuls of noodles, Xia Fei turned on his computer, infiltrated the insectoid internet and, after a complex deciphering process, managed to extract a username and password of a major general, which allowed him to browse plenty of information available online freely. He even got access to military networks, though browsing through would leave behind his log in trace. He needed to circumvent the firewall and log in via a proxy server in order to keep hidden.

The Top 100 Sacred Warrior Leaderboard had been updated, and Xia Fei searched for his next target there. Arendaz, the insectoid who had reached for the sun and got burned, was ranked in the late three hundreds; clearly, challenging Xia Fei had all been a publicity stunt of his. In fact, Xia Fei would not have bothered to kill him had it not been how overly arrogant he was acting. He was absolutely asking for death, given how he acted, while Xia Fei’s real targets were actually these individuals in the top 100.

In the first place was High Priest Ryun. Xia Fei had found plenty of information about him, and they all described him as some sort of god-like existence, practically omnipotent.

Xia Fei did not believe in god, though there was no way the insectoids would worship one to such a degree for no rhyme or reason. Perhaps there were problems hidden within that he did not understand, and Xia Fei’s keen intuition was also warning him not to get himself entangled with that number-one Insectoid. As such, Xia Fei turned his sights on the others, who had a certain level of fame yet he was also capable of beating.

Furthermore, these targets could not be too far from him. The insectoid territory covered a wider expanse than the Pan-human Alliance, requiring a ship to fly for three months non-stop to get from one end to the other. There was simply no way he would spend months on a long voyage just to kill an expert.

From the very beginning, Xia Fei’s goal was very clear. Devastating the insectoid capital and killing Uti was the only chance to avoid humanity’s extinction!

All these experts Xia Fei had killed along the way were nothing but side dishes. He still had two Stars of Ruin in his possession, and using them to destroy the figurative central nervous system of the insectoids was Xia Fei’s main goal. Though the special task force fleets had been decimated, leaving just Xia Fei alone, he had not yet given up on the plan.

“Who’s our next target?” Phantom asked.

Xia Fei’s finger lightly tapped the screen and picked out the information of a particular Sacred Warrior as well as a star map of his location.

Phantom glanced at what was displayed as his brows furrowed. “Won’t doing this be a little too obvious? Even a fool can tell that you’re advancing toward their emperor’s location. I’m afraid the defense’s over by the Golden Tent will be extremely tight when the time comes.”

Xia Fei was unperturbed. “Sometimes, raising the grass to startle the snake is a viable strategy at war. What do you think will happen if we suddenly disappear while everyone believes we are about to infiltrate the capital?”

“Well…” Phantom was uncertain. Xia Fei’s tactics were always crafty and had plenty of twists and turns, so he was momentarily stumped over Xia Fei’s true intention.

“Look, the insectoid territory is like a basin of water. First, I’m going to muddle the water, so both the big and small fishes will all panic and be lost over what to do, which all set up the perfect opportunity for me to fish in troubled waters!” A cold glint twinkled in Xia Fei’s eyes as he spoke harshly.

Phantom responded. “So you mean to say that we’re not actually going into the capital proper directly but in its surroundings as we keep killing their Sacred Warriors and officials, and while this will cause quite the panic among the insectoids, what you’re doing won’t directly threaten the Golden Tent, either.”

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Xia Fei laughed mirthlessly. “The master of the Golden Tent, Uti, is widely acclaimed to be the smartest insectoid in the history of their race. When going up against intelligent foes, martial arts strength alone isn’t enough to ascertain victory. I’ll need to accurately aim at his lifeline, mercilessly striking it in a singular blow.

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