Super Detective in the Fictional World

Icy Plain's Three Elegance, 冰原三雅

Chapter 841 - The Compensation Is a Job?

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Chapter 841: The Compensation Is a Job?

Looking at their expressions, Luke smiled. “It was just a joke. However, they don’t seem to have any money, so I’ll let them go…”

The two boys seemed encouraged by the good news.

“But!” Luke continued unhurriedly, “There has to be compensation, in case they think they can get away with their crimes.”

Foggy was even more straightforward this time. “Sure. As long as you don’t injure them badly, you can do whatever you want.”

The lips of the two boys turned pale again. Bro, do you have to be so ruthless, just because we didn’t pay you a lawyer fee?!

Luke waved his hand. “I’m not interested in beating up kids. However, did you just say that you want them to get jobs?”

Foggy nodded. “That’s right. Otherwise, if they carry on like this, they’ll go to prison in less than two years, and wind up dead a few years after that.”

Luke said, “How about this? I’ll hire them as manual labor for the time being; consider that their compensation.”

The four people were stunned. “What?”

This sounded more like Luke giving them compensation, not the other way round.

Luke, however, continued, “I’ll be renovating my place for the next few days. I’ll leave all the construction waste to them. As for pay… ten bucks an hour.”

The four of them were stunned again.

The lowest hourly rate was just a little over five dollars, and many low-level workers fought to get their salary raised to seven or so bucks.

Ten dollars really wasn’t low for temp workers.

Luke looked at the two boys and asked, “Do any of you have a driver’s license?”

The two boys shook their heads, but the shorter one added, “I can drive, but I don’t have a license.”

Luke wasn’t surprised.

This was a nation on wheels. He had been little more than ten when Drax egged him on to drive a tractor and a pickup on the ranch.

To get a driver’s license, you had to do a written exam. The short man certainly didn’t like that, so he didn’t take the driver’s license.

“Then find a trustworthy driver with a driving license. I’ll pay him ten bucks an hour too. He’ll be responsible for taking you to the garbage dump. If you can find a car to transport the rubbish, I’ll cover the cost of that too,” he said.

The two boys looked at each other, and the shorter one said, “Then… what are we doing?”

Luke glanced at him and said, “Of course, the driver is only responsible for driving. You’ll focus on moving the trash.”

The two boys widened their eyes. “What?”

Luke said unhurriedly, “If you have professional skills, you can make money with your skills. If you don’t have any skills, you just have to do manual labor. Isn’t that reasonable? You don’t have a driving license.”

The short man gritted his teeth in frustration. He knew how to drive, and he even drove pretty well. He just didn’t want to take the exam.

With one misstep, he could only work as a manual laborer.

Don’t accept the job?

He looked at Foggy and dismissed the naive thought.

This guy would definitely force him to accept the job.

If he didn’t accept it, Foggy would definitely pay him a “home visit,” and his cousin would nag him for days.

Under the watchful eyes of Luke and Foggy, the short man nodded gloomily. “Alright, I’ll find a driver later.”

Luke nodded in satisfaction. “Remember, what I want is for the construction waste to be sent to a waste disposal company. You won’t get paid if you simply throw it anywhere.”

The short guy hurriedly said, “You have to pay for the access to the waste disposal company.”

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Luke said, “I’ll pay. Do you think I expect you to do it?”

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