Spare Me, Great Lord!

The Speaking Pork Trotter, 会说话的肘子

Chapter 500 - A New Identity

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Chapter 500: A New Identity

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The atmosphere in the room quickly became quite awkward. Yaeko was still unconscious. Chiba suddenly did not know what to say. The person she liked had almost been killed, and she had somehow awakened. She was very bewildered, but at the same time she was also somewhat happy.

After Lu Shu had beat up seven of his classmates, Chiba had guessed that ‘Kirihara Yousuke’ was a practitioner. Every time she harboured such a thought, she would feel that the distance between them had widened. But today had proven that she, too, had become a special existence in the eyes of her classmates…

From Chiba’s perspective, the distance between them seemed to have narrowed now.

Lu Shu was reflecting on his decision to come to Japan. To speak the truth, he now felt that it was right of him to come here, even though there was no inheritance to receive. As Li Yixiao had said, domestic affairs had their own constraints. But when it came to foreign affairs, things were different. It was the same no matter who you tricked but on the flip side, the others were planning to trick you as well.

Let alone an organisation like the Collection of Gods. Lu Shu would not have an ounce of emotional burden if he were to trick them.

The Heavenly Network suddenly provided a retreat route just as he was about to unlock the third nebula. Lu Shu found himself not wanting to go back just yet. Distress points were so easy to earn here, he decided to leave only after he had unlocked it.

As for Yaeko, he would wait until her wounds healed and she regained her movement before letting her go. Right now, there was no safe place in Japan where she could take shelter. Perhaps Oda Tokuma would die tonight.

If not, a Class B called Takashima Tairatsu had yet to make his move. Lu Shu definitely wanted to pick fights, but there were too many Class B’s gathering. Even if it were just Lu Shu, he would not do something that would incur losses for both parties, only to benefit another.

Just as Lu Shu had found a suitable place for Yaeko and prepared to carefully analyse the new identity provided by the Heavenly Network, Chiba suddenly said, “Kiriharakun, you can be rest assured staying here. My parents are only coming back at the end of next week, so there is no need to worry.”

Lu Shu had not been concerned about this at all. He suddenly became curious as he recalled the money concealed in the attic. He asked Chiba, “What do your parents do for a living?”

“I’m not sure either…” Chiba shook her head. “They never let me ask them that sort of question. They only want me to focus on studying and get into the University of Nishinokyo.”

Lu Shu had wanted to ask whether her family had a business that made quick cash, as he was very interested… But from her answer, even Chiba was not sure what her parents did for a living.

Lu Shu guessed, storing that amount of money in the attic and not in the bank… Perhaps it was some sort of illegal business…

They did not talk much for the rest of the night. It was as if Chiba was somewhat flustered, while Lu Shu had still not figured out how to explain his situation to Chiba.

Lu Shu only had the time to properly analyse his new identity once before he settled in the guest room.

His new identity was Yamada Akira, a Class C, key driver and an assistant. One week ago it was suspected that he was related to a deceased Conservative member, and was thus marginalised from society. Now he was in charge of a warehouse in Nishinokyo. This warehouse was not that important. It only stored some common chemical reagents and ingredients like sodium-potassium alloys. It was a job that anyone could do. But just like the security guard at the Collection of Gods Mansion, the Collection of Gods and the Phoenix Society were different. The former took all the Practitioners in their organisation to be spare parts of a machine.

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There were valuable spare parts, and there were spare parts that were not as important. As for Yamada Akira, he most likely played the role of a screw…

He only had Class D training, low credentials, and no good friends. Previously he had been promoted for his serious work attitude, yet now he was being marginalised.


Lu Shu took a look at his physical appearance, build and height, as well as the amount of time he had spent interacting with the Conservatives. He suddenly felt as if Nie Ting had specifically prepared this identity for him. After coming to Japan, he could immediately take on the identity reserved for him.

In any case, Lu Shu could only change his physical appearance, but not completely become another person. He believed that Nie Ting was also very clear of this fact. Hence, the identity Lu Shu needed was not to be an important intelligence personnel. In terms of gathering intelligence, even a Class D could do a better job than Lu Shu could.

What Lu Shu needed, was a position that protected and reduced the chances of others exposing his true identity.

Lu Shu suddenly realised how frightening it was for the Heavenly Network, a large Practitioners organisation, to provide services for someone.

This kind of resource was not available to just any organisation. This was true heritage.

The information emphasised that after Lu Shu had taken on this identity, Yamada would be sent back in secret to work in the Heavenly Network.

Lu Shu thought about it. This identity was not bad, and could even allow an intelligence agent to return to his native land. This seemed like a very good decision. For some reason he suddenly thought about Taniguchi Bunndai. Although she did not want to return to her country, he could not help but hold great respect for them.

This group… they must be suffering a lot on the inside.

That night, Lu Shu ate the celestial fruit which promoted levels, and successfully illuminated the sixth star. The seventh star was still far from being lit. Lu Shu had to do something big.

Lu Shu felt that the Collection of Gods could not blame him. The seventh star was worth 3.2 million distress points, which was a huge number. He could not progress by doing nothing!

If the Collection of Gods knew the truth, they would definitely empathise with him!

Lu Shu once again renewed his thirst for distress points.

Lu Shu awoke before dawn. He knocked on Chiba’s door and heard her voice coming from inside. “Who is it? Kiriharakun, is that you?”

“Um, it’s me. I just want to say, it’s now 3am. You can sleep for a while more.”

“From Chiba’s distress, +666…”

Lu Shu returned to his room. He silently whispered to himself, “What other ways are there to earn distress points?!”

With Class B in his sights, Lu Shu started to become obsessed…

The Collection of Gods was still providing a steady stream of distress points, especially with the wave of points at 2am. They had probably gone home, only to see the character “chai” 1 on their door…

Lu Shu felt that he had good foresight. There was no way for them to clean the red paint overnight. Even if they did clean it off, they would have to repaint the entire exterior to maintain the colour of the house.

If they did not finish cleaning up today, Lu Shu would continue earning distress points.

In particular, Kitamura Kijitori was providing an especially large amount of distress points to Lu Shu. An increase of 999 points! This made Lu Shu more interested in the two words “Kitamura Kijitori”…

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