Sovereign of the Three Realms

Li Tian, 犁天More From Author

Chapter 2071: Stalemate

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Divine Kasyapa was astonished to hear Jiang Chen’s voice. He didn’t expect his grandson-in-law’s appearance here. Shouldn’t Jiang Chen be in some secret realm at the competition of geniuses? Was this some kind of doppelganger?

The sad end the sallow cultivator had met however, reassured him that Jiang Chen had returned with considerable aid.

He immediately felt much more at ease. If Jiang Chen could hold up the bald god, he was confident he could hold both enforcers off at once.

Daylight had suddenly broken through sinister clouds.

Jiang Chen smiled at Divine Kasyapa as he circled back. “Honored divine, how have you been?”

Divine Kasyapa considered the young man with brilliant eyes. “How unexpected.” He chuckled.

“What didn’t you expect, senior?” Jiang Chen grinned in reply.

“How unexpected that the dimwit Lightford would be so generous as to let you out.” Divine Kasyapa’s expression was full of mirthful derision.

Jiang Chen chuckled as well. “He was far from generous. But the tricks he tried to pull were too low-level. A so-called Prismatic Convergence Formation, some mist, and a completely insincere ambush. In what world can they possibly hold up the ten sacred lands’ best experts?”

The two enforcers felt their heart rates rise rapidly. Both men flushed deeply.

Something as strong as the Prismatic Convergence Formation was being called ‘low-level’? Since when were the ten sacred lands that strong?

That didn’t sound right.

Both enforcers began to hesitate. They wanted to rush back and report this news immediately to their master. After all, Lightford was probably still in the dark about the fact that the ten sacred lands’ people had escaped from Sandplain.

He had certainly been unaware when they’d first left. Perhaps the information had reached him by now?

Still, they’d carefully researched the sacred lands’ capabilities and had come to the consensus that the Prismatic Convergence Formation was sufficient to completely foil them, to say nothing of the complex toxins in the roiling mist behind it.

And yet, the ten sacred lands had gotten out with an almost trivial ease!

How trustworthy were this Jiang Chen’s words? Was he merely feigning confidence?

But if he was, why was he even here in the first place? How would he know of their arrangements near Sandplain?

The enforcers traded ponderous looks. Both men were uncertain about a great many things.

Divine Kasyapa was very pleased to hear what Jiang Chen had to say. He was happy with anything that would upset old fart Lightford.

“Good, good, good. I assume that dullard Lightford knows about it by now. I’d really like to see his frustration for myself.”

Divine Kasyapa intentionally exaggerated his tone as he swept his gaze across the two enforcers. 

“Jiang Chen.” He laughed. “Enforcers Goldie and Silver here are old bastard Lightford’s loyal hounds. If you can get rid of them, you’ll have dealt a serious blow to him.”

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“Oh? The Eternal Sacred Land has much more clout than I thought. This ‘old bastard Lightford’ you mention… where is he from?”


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