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Chapter 1621 - Acting (B)

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Chapter 1621: Acting (B)

“Are you lying? You can’t lie like this, right?” Fan Jinzhe was angered and his eyes opened wide, “It only cost one thousand yuan to buy a new tire. Are the materials you use to patch a tire more expensive than a new tire?”

“The rarer it is, the greater the value!” Little Ma said plainly, “If you aren’t going to patch it up, then forget it. It doesn’t matter. You just have to find some ways to take the car away.”

“You…” Fan Jinzhe pointed to the skull-vest man, “Okay, okay. I give up. So it’s ten thousand yuan! I’ll give you the money!”

Fan Jinzhe felt like that was enough acting. It should be quite believable, right? Now that he behaved like an angry and cheated customer, Yang Ming should no longer feel that he was related to this store.

As Fan Jinzhe talked, he took out his wallet which had more than ten thousand yuan. After giving the money away, the wallet collapsed immediately.

“Sir, it’s not enough,” Little Ma said after taking the ten thousand yuan.

“Not enough? Didn’t you say it’s ten thousand yuan?” Fan Jinzhe was stunned. He was wondering how to create a conflict, but he didn’t expect Little Ma to find something first. This was exactly what Fan Jinzhe needed.

“Sir, please take a closer look at the bill. It is ten thousand yuan for a tire. You damaged four tires in total, so you have to pay forty thousand yuan!” said Little Ma.

“Forty thousand? Wow, why didn’t you just go and rob others?” Fan Jinzhe was completely “angered” this time, tearing the bill in Little Ma’s hands and shouting, “Do you know who I am? I’ll bear ten thousand, but you want to cheat forty thousand yuan from me? You don’t want to live? Do you know that Chief Lee of the Bureau of Industry and Commerce is my friend? Do you want to close down this repair shop?”

“Boy, anything can be discussed. You don’t give face but you still want to cause trouble?” Little Ma smiled coldly, “I don’t care what connections you have. Today you are going to give me forty thousand yuan for this thing to be settled. Otherwise, don’t even think about taking your car away!”

“Huh? I want to see who won’t let me take the car away!” Fan Jinzhe also sneered, “Moreover, why would I take the car away? I’ll leave my car here and go find someone now. Wait for me if you dare!”

“If you don’t take out forty thousand yuan, you can’t go either!” said Little Ma sternly.

“What? You still want to rip me off?” Fan Jinzhe couldn’t bear it anymore and slammed the table, “Do you think I’m scared? You won’t let me leave? Then try and stop me!”

“Is that so?” Little Ma clapped his hands casually then said, “Boss, someone is causing trouble!”

As soon as Little Ma said these words, five burly macho men rushed into the lounge. The leader had a fleshy face and a large wrench in his hand, while the others were holding big hammers used to flatten metal sheets or iron rods from the jack. In short, they were all holding aggressive and lethal car repair tools.

“Who dares to cause trouble on Brother Zhadan’s territory? Do you not want to live?” The leading macho man patted his hand on the large wrench and scanned the people in the lounge.

“This…” Fan Jinzhe was also a little “dumbfounded”. He didn’t expect that he could attract a group of brothers from the underworld with just a word. He didn’t know what to do, “I… I didn’t cause trouble…”

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“Didn’t cause trouble?” Niu Zhadan sneered, “Little Ma, what’s the matter?”

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