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Chapter 1029 - Made a Huge Bargain

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Chapter 1029: Made a Huge Bargain

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

When Yang Ming entered the door, the lobby manager of Tavern Heaven on Earth greeted him with a smile, “Mr. Yang, you are here.”

“Today, I have been invited by someone else. You don’t have to serve me,” said Yang Ming as he waved his hand.

“Okay.” The lobby manager saw Yang Ming directly refused, so he stopped saying anything.

Yang Ming took Wang Xiaoyan directly upstairs and didn’t tell the lobby manager the room number that he was going to. That way the lobby manager could not inform President Guo. Never mind that President Guo was busy with the real estate company these days, so he wasn’t in the hotel right now.

When they arrived at the door of Room 4026, Yang Ming knocked on the door. After a while, they heard Wei Jin’s voice, “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Yang Ming,” said Yang Ming.

The door was opened, Wei Jin stood inside, withered. In just a few days, he had lost a lot of weight. Yang Ming felt a little shocked. However, it was inevitable to feel sad because his father was dead.

“Please, come in…” Wei Jin saw Yang Ming forced himself to smile, so he let Yang Ming come in.

“What are you looking for?” Yang Ming and Wang Xiaoyan sat together on the sofa; Wei Jin sat on the bed.

Wei Jin glanced at Wang Xiaoyan next to Yang Ming and hesitated. However, he envied Yang Ming’s blessing to always have pretty girls around him.

However, Wei Jin didn’t have the leisure to observe the beauty now. He had only hatred in his heart. He had to kill Zou Ruoguang to vent his hatred!

“Just say it if you have something. She basically knows everything about me.” Yang Ming glanced at Wang Xiaoyan and said to Wei Jin.

When Wang Xiaoyan heard Yang Ming’s words, she trembled in her heart. She suddenly remembered the words that Yang Ming said to her in the car before. Although Yang Ming said it solemnly, and there was no ambiguity like before, she still couldn’t help but think of the previous matters.

Wei Jin looked at Wang Xiaoyan and looked at Yang Ming again. He didn’t say anything more, seeing that Yang Ming was determined. Anyway, he was ready to risk everything. He had nothing to worry about.

“Yang Ming, although we had some conflicts before, those conflicts shouldn’t amount to anything, right?” probed Wei Jin.

“Of course, since you said that it is nothing, then it doesn’t matter anymore.” Yang Ming smiled. He thought, If you think that murdering your father isn’t a big deal, then I have no choice.

“Okay, then I want to ask you to do something for me this time. After the event, I will agree with whatever condition you want.” Wei Jin nodded and said.

“What is that?” asked Yang Ming.

“I want you to help me kill someone.” Wei Jin hesitated and finally said it with resentment.

“Kill someone?” Yang Ming was suddenly astounded. “You want me to help you with killing someone?”

He looked at Wang Xiaoyan. Both of them felt inexplicable. After just discussing their assassin group, they already had a mission?

“Yang Ming, the only person I can think of now is you…” Wei Jin sighed and said pitifully. “Something happened in my family. I think you must have seen it from the newspapers in the past few days. My dad and his underlings were all finished together. No one can help me now. Otherwise, I wouldn’t think of you…”

“Do you think that I will help you kill someone for money?” Yang Ming sneered and looked at Wei Jin with an amused smile.

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“This…” Wei Jin’s expression suddenly stagnated, but he also understood that Yang Ming was taking a lot of risks, but he really had no other way. If he just simply found someone, it would be hard to kill Zou Ruoguang a second time if the first time was a failure. “Yang Ming, I think your skills are very good. It should be easy for you to kill someone…”

“Do you think I am a fool?” asked Yang Ming.

“Not really. You should hate the person that I want you to kill…” said Wei Jin. “He is Zou Ruoguang…”

“Zou Ruoguang? Why do you want to kill him?” Yang Ming felt inexplicable after listening. Aren’t they cousins? Why do they want to kill each other?

“He… he spread AIDS to me. This b*stard!” Wei Jin was so angry that he gnashed his teeth when he mentioned this. He didn’t hide it from Yang Ming, and there was nothing to hide. Otherwise, how could Yang Ming believe him?

“AIDS? He spread it to you?” Yang Ming was stunned, then he widened his eyes and couldn’t help but say, “No way, right? How did you two spread AIDS to each other as men? Are you guys gay?”

“…” Wei Jin rolled his eyes and said, “No, he raped my girlfriend, and then my girlfriend spread it to me…”

Yang Ming smiled bitterly. This is really complicated. Then, he said, “This is why you want to kill him?”


“Yes, he hurt my girlfriend and me. I can’t let him live better!” Wei Jin’s face showed a hint of ruthlessness and said resolutely.

“But, he shouldn’t live long with this disease, right?” asked Yang Ming curiously.

“That’s not necessarily true. The doctor said that if there is adequate treatment, there is no problem living for another twenty or thirty years…” Wei Jin said, “I can’t let him live. I want to kill him!”

“And then you looked for me?” Yang Ming felt that the logic of this matter was a bit funny, but Zou Ruoguang was really an amazing person. He could actually spread AIDS to Wei Jin.

“Yes. Can you help me?” Wei Jin said, “The reward isn’t a problem as long as you help me kill him!”

“But do you really think I am short of money?” Yang Ming said with amusement after listening. “I am taking such a big risk to help you kill people. What should I do if the matter is exposed? You don’t care because you are going all-in anyway, but what about me?”

“This…” Wei Jin also knew that this matter was very difficult. Moreover, Yang Ming did not lack money. He also knew about Yang Ming’s family afterward. Whoever had Yang Ming’s position didn’t have to take this unnecessary risk.

Thinking of this, Wei Jin was a bit disappointed. If it were really impossible, he could only fight for himself. Only God knew if he could succeed.

“However, to get rid of Zou Ruoguang, this suggestion is not bad. I have long been displeased with this fellow.” When Yang Ming saw Wei Jin disappointed, he changed the topic and spoke.

For Wei Jin’s proposal, Yang Ming was still very interested. First, Wei Jin promised a generous reward. Second, Yang Ming had long wanted to kill Zou Ruoguang, this dumb*ss.

He actually dared to pursue his wife, and it was even two of his wives. How could Yang Ming spare him?

“Do you mean… you are willing to help me?” asked Wei Jin quickly as he was instantly delighted listening to Yang Ming’s words. His eyes were full of expectations.

“Obviously, I won’t go kill him personally, but I can recommend you a method,” said Yang Ming.

“What do you mean? Are you asking me to hire a killer?” After Wei Jin listened, his look became grim. “I did think about it, but I was afraid that the people I hired would be too trashy. You need to know that killing Zou Ruoguang isn’t a simple task. He and the Sui Family…”

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“Of course, I won’t recommend the ordinary way.” Yang Ming waved his hand and smiled. “Have you heard of the professional assassin group?”

“Professional assassin group?” Wei Jin was surprised and asked quickly, “Can you contact them?”

Wei Jin naturally heard of the assassins, and he also knew that there was a special organization, but he had no way to contact such an organization, so he had no choice but to find Yang Ming.

“Since I said so, of course, I can contact them.” Yang Ming smiled. “And, I can tell you the way to contact.”

“Really?” Wei Jin suddenly rejoiced after listening. “You tell me how to contact them. After the matter is done, I will thank you again!”

“However, this type of organization usually asks for a high price. You have to be mentally prepared.” Yang Ming waved his hand to ask him to be patient. “Of course, your matter is a piece of cake for them. They can do it easily for you.”

“The price is not a problem!” Wei Jin bit his teeth and said. “I have decided to sell my company. Is this money enough?”

Selling the company? Ha, I am still wondering how to scam Wei Jin’s company into my hand, but this guy proposed his plan first? En, not bad.

“Do you want to sell the company?” Yang Ming asked in surprise.

” En … Sister Gu, who is my girlfriend, and I both have no intention to run the company. If we don’t sell it, we will close it down. The money that I get from selling the company will be used for revenge. The money in my family is enough for me to cure my disease and to spend for the rest of my life…” Wei Jin sighed and said.

For a time, after listening to Wei Jin, Yang Ming suddenly became embarrassed. In the end, he had no deep hatred with Wei Jin, but who made Wei Jin’s father provoke him again and again?

“Then can you find a buyer?” asked Yang Ming.

“How is that easy to find a buyer?” Wei Jin smiled bitterly. “I have just made this decision. Anyone will be cautious about buying such a big company…”

” Oh , it’s this way…” Yang Ming pretended to be hesitated and contemplated about it.

When Wei Jin saw Yang Ming suddenly not talking, he didn’t know what Yang Ming was thinking, so he didn’t dare to disturb Yang Ming. He could only look anxiously.

“Well, my family just wanted to enter the real estate business. You can sell me the company. Give me a lower price as a favor for introducing you to the assassin group!” Yang Ming pretended to make a decision.

“Sell it to you?” Wei Jin was stunned, then said, “Well, Yang Ming, you really helped me a lot. I was just troubled over selling it. You can rest assured. The price is definitely good. I just want to get rid of Zou Ruoguang. The money in the deposit is enough for me and Sister Gu.”

Ha, this business only gives me profit. Not only can I get rid of my enemy, but I can even get a company for free. Moreover, it’s not related to me. It’s you who will contact the assassin group to kill a person.

Not only that, Wei Jin, this dumb*ss, is actually grateful to me, his nemesis who killed his father…

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