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Chapter 1155: Hel's Two Brothers

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Chapter 1155: Hel's Two Brothers


Enormous hordes of Undead G.o.ds flew across the Astral Road, flas.h.i.+ng through the cosmos made up by the Supreme  G.o.d of Star Ocean as the ma.s.sive army reached the gigantic Realm of Death, Helheim, led by Hel and which was also the biggest outpost and fortress-like territory that the invaders of the Netherworld Plane used.

Powerful skeletons wearing black armor greeted the enormous armies made up of thousands of Undead G.o.ds, raised from the dead by the Death Era's effect, they had been wandering across the world, devouring the living while wondering what their greater purpose was, until they realized that it was within this glorious Realm of the Death which emanated such a strong deathly and phantasmal aura, the embrace of the Supreme Domain of Hel made them feel right at home.

"Welcome to our lands of the dead, you've been wise to choose to join us, Undead G.o.ds! You've been reborn by the grace of Hel, so you better make up for it with your strength…"

The many Undead cheered in happiness and unison as they glanced at the glorious beings before them, although they didn't looked like much at first glance, the Necrotic Death Lords were as strong as Supreme G.o.ds too, and their very presences, although without the ability to generate a ma.s.sive Supreme Domain due to the restrictions of this world to their own Origin Core, were big enough to make the Undead G.o.ds feel euphoric…

Gigantic t.i.tans that led these Hordes kneeled before them, completely forgetting their roots or their previous lives, now acting as the new lap dogs of the Necrotic Death Lords and Hel…

"We swear our loyalty as the Undead G.o.ds to Hel…" said a ma.s.sive t.i.tan Great G.o.d.

"Excellent… all of you seem to have great potential… Now, accompany me, Hel herself has told us to bring you to the newest facility she had constructed with our help, the Forgotten Crypts!" said the Necrotic Death Lord pair that led the Undead G.o.ds.

They marched across the desertic and lugubrious lands of this Realm as they saw the immense lakes and rivers of Necrotic Liquid, storms of phantasmal winds, gigantic Undead Divine Beasts roaming around, and other wonders they had never seen before.

The Undead G.o.ds, after marching for a few minutes, finally reached the Forgotten Crypts.

"This facility was constructed using Necrotic Materials extracted from our original world, fused with the divine materials of Hel's divine realm, this immense facility was made for beings of lower power level such as you to grow stronger." Said one of the Necrotic Death Lords.

"How does it works, my lord?" asked one of the Undead G.o.ds.

"By spending Necrotic Stones and Souls, this immense crypt will activate and shower you with the intense Necrotic Phantasmal Miasma of our world, forcing mutations on you, cultivate this energy and grow stronger." Said one of the Necrotic Death Lords.


The ma.s.sive horde of Undead G.o.ds entered into the black tower-like crypt, as they were showered with immense quant.i.ties of death, mutating their still not dead-attribute souls and the rest of their bodies slowly!

The Undead G.o.ds felt like they were showered in a glorious power like they had never seen before capable of bringing them incredible power and sense of fulfillment…

Seeing the scene in silence there was a gigantic, gargantuan snake resting over the wasteland of Helheim, coiling around a mountain range, this monstrously t.i.tanic being was n.o.body else than Jormungandr, one of Hel's siblings and the son of the G.o.ddess of Tricks Loki…


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He sighed in deep thought, as he wondered what the destiny of this world was now that things had come to this point. The world was going through many eras now and it was constantly changing into a chaotic era, and his sister Hel had gone out of control now, allying aliens of this world and deciding to completely overtake it with her might.

"And you're willing to risk being taken over by the brainwas.h.i.+ng of these skeletons?" asked Jormungandr.

"Of course not, brother, I also don't want to eat them…" said Fenrir.

"What… do we do then?" asked Jormungandr.

"Our options are thin, she's forcing our hand into this… Ultimately, we should eat them, grow stronger, and help her…" said Fenrir.

"You just said you didn't wanted to eat them!" said Jormungandr.

"But what about the war now coming? The supreme G.o.ds? And all of that? If it comes down to it… we have to protect our children…" sighed Fenrir.


The two Great G.o.ds were left without many options…


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