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Chapter 253 - The Wastrel's Counterattack (15)

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Chapter 253 – The Wastrel’s Counterattack (15)

There weren’t many people in Su Family Village, only thirty or so families with a total of a hundred or so people. Su Rui and Su Wan left with everyone in the morning. The group left the village they lived in for so many years. Some elderlys couldn’t bear to leave while the children and youngsters each wore an excited smile.

How was the world outside? Just what sort of views were there out of the mountains?

They were eager to leave this mountain and now, it had actually happened…

By the time the hundred or so people arrived in the nearest town, it was already in the afternoon. Su Rui reserved a restaurant and everyone ate lunch there. They rented some cars in the town before gradually heading for the county town.

They were constantly on the move. When they arrived at the county town, they could finally switch to some low-level magical beasts as their mounts. The children were excited to be on the backs of the low-level magical beasts.

At this time, Su Rui summoned an antler beast. This was a grade four magical beast and was considerately gentle. It was a great mount. Plus, its speed was normal and could guarantee that the low-level magical beasts following it can keep up.

The two didn’t get to enjoy the scene while riding the Windchaser Eagle. This time, the journey back was going to be relaxing. Su Wan ended up leaning against Su Rui’s arms and then quietly admired the beautiful and bizarre scenes outside.

Compared to the ordinary scenes that they see, the landscapes they were looking at now were more mysterious and gorgeous.

From Su Family Village to Meite City, it would take a good three days and nights if they were heading there at an ordinary speed. Su Rui and Su Wan led the group of people and finally entered Meite City on the fifth night.

As the second biggest family in Meite City, Su Family had owned lots of businesses inside and outside of the city. Arranging a place for the hundred or so people to live in was no big deal.

People from different branches had successively arrived at the Su Family. Of course, they were arranged to be living in the courtyards outside of the city by the Su Family. Only Su Wan and her generation had the right to live in the main family residence.

The young people in Su Family Village had expanded their horizons upon seeing how grand Meite City was and how luxurious-looking Su Family was, as well as the summoners walking past.

This was Meite City but it was just one of the many inconspicuous cities in Orinda Country.

Just how big was the entire Orinda Country? And how big was Dongchuan, mainland? That mysterious and dangerous division…the legendary elves and dwarfs…

Su Qing stood in front of the loft Su Family residence. This was the first time he felt so insignificant and tiny compared to the rest of the world as he stepped on the unfamiliar ground.

Only by becoming stronger, only then could he actually make a man out of himself truly on this mainland…

By the time Su Wan and Su Rui finished settling everyone down, it was night.

The two returned to their courtyard tiredly. The moment they entered, a white figure pounced at him.

“Little White?”

Su Wan called out in surprise. Su Rui lifted his hand however and pushed the animal pouncing on them to the side.

He refused to let his wife touch any males. He couldn’t tolerate it.


Little White looked at Su Rui, feeling wronged. Master, you’re so mean.

“You leveled again/”

Su Rui ignored Little White’s expression and then communicated with his spirit to find out that another layer of seal on Little White was removed. He had an abundance of spiritual power inside him. Now, he grew even rounder.

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“Hmph, who do you think I am?”

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