Side Character Transmigrations: The Final Boss is No Joke

Mo Ling, 墨泠

Chapter 669 - There's Something Wrong With This Dungeon! (30)

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Chapter 669 There’s Something Wrong With This Dungeon! (30)

Shi Sheng could probably guess which gift was referred by that retard.

It must be him that she could not get Jing Xian out of the game.

You have your strategy. I own my solution.

I don’t believe that I can’t triumph a retard.

Shi Sheng entered the gaming pod again. It was the same darkness. When the lights appeared again, Shi Sheng could feel resistant.

She made herself stable, drew out her sword, and slashed at it.


It sounded like glass shattering from the front—the blinding light from the front spread over quickly. Shi Sheng lost balance and fell forward.

Shi Sheng stepped on her metal sword immediately to stop herself from falling.

Shi Sheng took some time to get used to the lighting, then only saw what was at the bottom clearly.

It was a mechanized white room filled with cylindrical glass jars in the middle. Inside of it was all sorts of people, no less than a hundred.

Everyone appeared to be asleep, standing with their eyes closed in the glass jars.

“What a pervert!” Shi Sheng detested, quickly searched around the jars.

She found Le Jin in a corner, and Jing Xian was next to her. Shi Sheng slashed open the glass jar with her metal sword.

Jing Xian fell out of the jar instantly.

Shi Sheng caught him and carried him out.

“Jing Xian.” Shi Sheng set him aside, pulled his face mask off. A gorgeous face was exposed. Unlike the youthful look in the game, it was a grown-up, handsome-looking man.

Shi Sheng called out his name a few times before Jing Xian woke up.

The blinding light made him squirt his eyes. In front of him was all white and shiny light. Before he could cover his eyes with his hand, another hand covered the light for him.

The light in front of his eyes softened, and he was slowly adjusted to see the person overhead.

Why did she come back?

He could not recall anything other than her last words.

Shi Sheng waited for a moment before helped him to get up, “I’ll get you out of here.”

Jing Xian stood up, and his sight was widened. The view in front of him froze him.

What is this place?

“Warning, warning, warning…”

The piercing electronic voice rang throughout the entire place. Red lights were shining from the bottom of the glass jars. The whole place was quick to fill with red lights.

“Follow me.” Shi Sheng cupped Jing Xian’s face, “everything will be fine as long as you follow me, alright?”

Jing Xian was still in shock.

Shi Sheng suddenly got close and kissed him on his pale lips, “trust me.”

His lashes trembled and back off, looking at Shi Sheng confusedly. He licked his lips faintly. It was an unconscious movement, but it was so darn sexy.

Shi Sheng turned away and looked up.

The place she fell from had already turned into a roof. Shi Sheng dragged Jing Xian in the door direction.


The door was stormed open. Some people in white uniforms showed up at the door, with white firearms in their hands.

They quickly scanned through the whole area and spotted Shi Sheng, “Get her!”

Shi Sheng clutched onto Jing Xian tightly and dashed out. She slashed through the jars as she passed by them.

It was all depending on them whether they could get out of there or not. She did not have time to save them.

Those people were shocked that Shi Sheng would charge out so recklessly and fired at her hurriedly.

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Instead of bullets, they were firing some sort of laser.

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