Show Me the Money

Wu Shao Ling, 武少陵

Chapter 339 - Demon Army

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Chapter 339 – Demon Army

Aside from mucus that ate away at the wall, the maneater flowers could also shoot sharp venomous spikes to attack their enemy. Those spikes caught the players off guard, injured many, and killed a lot.

In the sky behind the maneater flowers, endless dark clouds billowed. These were Demonic creatures unique to the Demon realm, Blackcloud Beasts. These creatures possessed the appearance of black clouds without tails, heads or limbs; and their entire ‘cloudy’ body only had a mouth below that spat deadly poisonous black rain that deal super high damage. Their only disadvantage was their slow speed. A Blackcloud Beast alone could cover an area of a dozen meters. With this many gathering at once, they could wash over Hero City completely with their spittle.

The seemingly boundless masses of Darkcloud Beasts perfectly reflected the players’ expression right now. It had been only over an hour and something this powerful already came out. How were they supposed to last through the next eight hours?

Some guilds started to flinch with thoughts of retreat, but Bai Xiaosheng only swept them a cold glance ant said, “If you leave now, your losses until now will have gone down the drain.” Meaning if they persisted in helping him all the way, he’d give them some benefits after officially claiming Hero City. But if they left now? Don’t even think about it.

The guild masters exchanged glances, then gritted their teeth and decided to remain.

“Archers, ready!”

All of the archers in the city gathered to deal with the skyful of Blackcloud Beasts.

In the center of Hero City, the towering Tower of Heroes emitted a milky white light that added various buffs to the players.

Bai Xiaosheng stood on the wall while Zhang Feihu closely stood behind him like his designated bodyguard.

When the slow Blackcloud Beasts finally got within range, Bai Xiaosheng only told the archers to attack before turning away without a care. According to the habits of the Demon race, after the first three waves of Demonic creatures, it should be time for the Demon military to make their entrance.

Boom! Boom! When there were still half the numbers of maneater flowers and Blackcloud Beasts left, uniform footsteps echoed from a distance. On the horizon, a black line appeared and quickly expanded forward towards the wall.

“It’s the Demon soldiers.” There was a commotion among the players but it soon subsided. At the moment, they had no way out. It was impossible to use the Recall Scroll because the closest respawn city was right where they were.

And only two hours had passed.

“That’s quite a number of them.” Fatty looked over, stroking his chin.

Over ten thousand would already look endless, and this army had at least thirty thousand, looking very professional at sieges at that. At their front were several hundred Demonic beasts pulling over a hundred large siege equipment.

“Damn it! We didn’t have a single one when we attacked the city, where the hell did they get so many?” The pitiful contrast angered the players so much they wanted to vomit blood. If they had that many siege equipment, they wouldn’t have had to suffer so many casualties.

“Who can go and destroy the artillery?” Bai Xiaosheng turned around and asked. If they just allowed those things to bombard haphazardly, the city was as good as lost.

No one raised a sound. Aside from the siege equipment, there were at least thirty thousand Demon troops, and that spelled ‘certain death.’ It wasn’t even certain if one could destroy any siege equipment before they died. However, there was no better choice when the attack range of the siege equipment far outstripped the players.

“How about you let him try?” A player quickly darted their eyes towards Zhang Feihu.

“He can’t leave the city.” Bai Xiaosheng chuckled bitterly.

Can’t leave the city. The players were speechless.

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“So nobody has this courage?” Bai Xiaosheng was a bit anxious. The siege equipment was already being set up. Once they were done, it would be a disaster for the players defending the city.

“Wheat, you go try.” Fatty summoned Wheat and tossed it out of the city.

“Squeak squeak!” Wheat furiously squeaked at Fatty on the wall the wall before earthwalking away.

As an earth Yao monster, Wheat took like a duck to water with Earthwalk. It quickly arrived at the front of the Demon army where the siege equipment had been half set up and would probably be ready in a few minutes.

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Ground Fissure. Without further ado, Wheat used the most suitable skill. A catapult that had just been finished setting suddenly creaked as a big crack appeared on the ground below it. The catapult toppled over and got stuck in the crack.


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