Shoujo Grand Summoning

Ruqing Rusu, 如倾如诉

Chapter 739: My daughter can't be this odd!

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Chapter 739: My daughter can't be this odd!

Her eyes that could tell stories opened up like the beautiful stars in the sky. She slowly opened her eyes, making the heart-warming scene of a family sleeping together ripple ever so slightly.

It's clear that she wasn't sleepy from the star.

She looked at Wu Yan, then, she looked at Asuna. Her expression turned a bit weird.

She heard them talking.

She freed herself from Wu Yan and Asuna's hugs and she got up from the bed. She reached out, seemingly to caress both her parents face but she stopped herself out of fear. Her cute and bubbly face was marred by melancholy and sadness...

Yui couldn't muster up the courage to touch their faces. She slowly lowred her hands and a few seconds later, after whispering something no one could hear, she floated into the air.

Like a fairy, her lithe body lingered around the room. She floated to the side of the bed and she landed without making a sound. It's like she's afraid she might wake her parents up...

"Papa... Mama..."

Yui's eyes wavered. Her eyes dimmed the moment she looked at the two players sleeping on the bed. Her eyes started turning moisty, shocking Yui.

She rubbed her eyes and she turned around, but, not before giving Wu Yan and Asuna one last look. Then, she walked out of the room without hesitation...

She's afraid. She's very afraid that if she looked at them one more time, she will sapped of her strength to hold her tears back...

With tiny movements, she opened the door to the living room. She didn't flick on the lights, she just walked over to the window. Pushing it open, she stepped onto the balcony...

The forest at night is a very silent forest. One couldn't hear a wisp of sound coming from the forest. Not far away, the pearly waters of the lake shined as bright as they didi n the past. They reflected light like a gem in the forest. When the wind ruffled the waters, it turned into a scene that could capture the hearts of anyone who gazed upon it.

The sky is also flashing with light. The difference between the lake and the sky is the intensity of the light.

This place is truly one of the few places where one could get an unhindered view of the night sky. Excluding places like frosty mountains, stormy areas, and areas where weather clouded the sky, this floor allowed players to enjoy the night sky. This is something all 6000+ players who are still alive can vouch for.

Compared to the real world, the stars in SAO gathered into a beautiful milky way that stretched to infinity and beyond. This scene lit up places where light weren't available. The pedestrians would also be distracted by the night sky whenever they jogged here. Only monsters can bring the players back from being mesmerized.

That's how beautiful it is here.

A clear moon hung in the sky, a rare view even for this place. The moonlight shone upon the forest, the cabin, and of course, Yui who was taking it all in...

Yui's eyes turned misty under the moon's influence. She reached her hands out as if to grab the moon. She could only let out a line of confusion and doubt...

"Sh-should I..."

At this moment, a pair of arms grabbed Yui from behind. She was hoisted up by the owner of those arms.

Yui gasped in shock. The warm arms enveloped her in a similarly warm embrace. This sensation was all too familiar for her. She should know because she would spend a few minutes everyday indulging herself in this sensation.

Without the prior approval of the house owner, nobody could enter as they pleased. This meant that the one who hugged her was...


She confirmed the identity of the person hugging her. Wu Yan woke up after she came here.

Yui started panicking, she looked at Wu Yan with an anxious look.

"Papa... you..."

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"You're not being a very good girl, Yui..."

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