Shoujo Grand Summoning

Ruqing Rusu, 如倾如诉

Chapter 687: The Boss room finally appears!

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Chapter 687: The Boss room finally appears!

Post-Motion is a very serious issue for players.

During this brief period of stun, a player is susceptible to attacks that could be fatal if not properly managed or planned for.

In a party, this risk is mitigated by switching with teammates when entering Post-Motion. The teammates can attract aggro while the player recovers from Post-Motion.

Solo players need to watch out even more. With no teammates to take the heat for them, they are limited to skills with little to no stun duration. Hence, they have to spend more time shaving away the monsters’ HP. The conventional strategy is to grind the monster’s hp down and then last hit with high-damage moves.

Managing and planning for Post-Motion is a very crucial skill.

However, when it came to Wu Yan, he turned it into a show.

Wu Yan showed Asuna what a pro gamer move looked like. He used the Post-Motion to his advantage as he leveraged inertia to thrust, dodge to the sides, jump back. Ignoring his stunned state, he really made the whole thing look more like an art exhibit.

He kept up his flashy performance with equally eye-catching moves. Asuna’s mouth fell wide open when she watched him dispatch the enemies.

Asuna is not a stranger to Wu Yan’s skill. But, drawing reference from how Wu Yan can solo bosses since the first floor, the Christmas Boss Event, the duel with Heathcliff, she can see that he’s very good at fighting.

Wu Yan is a strong fighter in Asuna’s eyes, that goes without saying. But, Wu Yan’s performance made her revise her appraisal higher.

Using inertia to mitigate or even eliminate the stunned state. Inhuman prediction abilities and execution power, this all told Asuna that Wu Yan is more than just brawn.

The Lizardmen got demolished by Wu Yan under his continuous attack. A crisp sound came and the monster turned into a rain of data crystals.

Wu Yan stored away his Heaven Gazer. He chuckled when he saw Asuna’s flabbergasted look.

“Well, did you get a good look?”


Asuna subconsciously answered. She bitterly smiled when she returned to her senses.

“Yan, that was nothing but incredible. I see so that’s why you can take on bosses on your own. I thought it’s because you had godly equipment, an OP healing fairy, and some skills to get your battle results. Now, I know you are actually very capable without any of that supporting you…”


Wu Yan glanced at her.

“Is the Flash singing praises about me?”

“Well, just a bit…”

Then, she felt like a certain someone might get a giant boost to his ego so she added a qualifier.

“Just a bit, mkay?!”

“Thanks anyway!”

Wu Yan chortled.

“I am sure praise from the Flash is hard to come by, people would be jealous of the death if they heard it…”

“That’s why you have to up your game from this point on!”

“You’re the vanguard from now on!”

Asuna pursed her lips.

“Okay… Okay… I know…”

Wu Yan rushed down every monster that appeared. He absorbed the aggro and he worked with Asuna to wipe the monsters of the labyrinth out like they are just fodder monsters outside the labyrinth. Nobody could stop them from advancing.

Asuna thanked herself for recruiting a pro gamer. She brought her guild members into the labyrinth to explore but they needed at least 4 players to block a monster reliably. The veterans of the guild could reduce that to 3 but that’s about it. With so many members, the KoBs’ clearing speed still lagged behind Asuna and Wu Yan’s combination team.

They are doing the work of 5 players with just the two of them. It’s also very safe this way, any accidents were promptly solved by Wu Yan.

A god-like teammate.

This is the aptest term for a player like Wu Yan.

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As the two advanced, monsters fell as they swept up the labyrinth. Cors and experience points rained down on them. There are surprisingly good loots too. The clearing speed, loot, and efficiency brought smiles to their faces.

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