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Chapter 491 - Akasha's Records (10)

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Chapter 491 - Akasha's Records (10)

[The 6th-step awakening has been released.]

[Power: Illusory Emission]

[Illusory Emission]

[Description: The ancient dragon Kalatus set up an eight-step process to help the contractor adjust to the Dragon Body quickly. This is the sixth step. The elements of your Dragon Heart and mana stream you can use through the connection combine to temporarily project onto reality what is in your mind.]

[*Barrier Building

Anything is possible in an Illusory World. However, it’s also a dangerous place that others can easily interfere with. This option prevents the destruction of your Illusory World and strengthens your mentality. You can then influence external reality and create your own perfect reality in Ideas while your mana stream moves.]

[*Illusory Activation

The effect of reality in Ideas will help your thoughts take form in the physical world. The quality of the Illusory Barrier depends on your magic power and imagination. The better you can project your mind, the stronger your will in the outer world will be.]

When Yeon-woo opened his eyes again, he felt scales covering most of his face and body. They were no longer dark blue but a s.h.i.+ny black color. The red color that occasionally glittered on the surface added a touch of eeriness. Most blades would probably bounce off of him now.

His larger and st.u.r.dier Dragon Heart sent magic power and oxygen throughout his body, and his more agile body contained ma.s.sive potential, like a volcano about to erupt. However, what made his heart beat faster was the shed skin that lay on the ground. ‘I succeeded…in shedding.’

Yeon-woo had never attempted anything past the fifth step of the awakening and only focused on improving his abilities because the level of difficulty starting with the sixth step grew exponentially.

‘If everything up to the fifth step is centered on training and awakening as a Dragon Human, from the sixth step onwards, I will begin creating a new body and upgrading my soul to become a true member of the Draconic species.’ In other words, the steps below the sixth step were just preparatory ones to help him get started as a member of the Draconic species. Once you reached the sixth step, things would drastically change until you reached the seventh step to reform your body and soul before attempting polymorphing.

He had to molt or go through metamorphosis first to raise his soul to the level of a transcendent being. He eliminated all the waste from his body, rearranged his bones, and even completely changed the structure of his genes. For a Dragon Human, the process of shedding meant removing your last human traits.

From the moment that humans were born, it was nearly impossible for them to become dragons, which were beings equal to G.o.ds and demons. They could borrow the strength and powers of the Draconic species, but becoming one was something else altogether because it meant changing species. It was different from simply exuviating or transcending.

The last one who attempted this process had been the last king of the dragons, Kalatus. Thanks to his research on Hochma, the collection of knowledge that the dragons possessed, he managed to create an eight-step system. This legacy was so powerful that Jeong-woo had almost instantly climbed to the highest position in the Tower.

Thanks to the new discoveries he’d gained from his exchange with Grand Demon Duke Agares, Yeon-woo’s growth system found new possibilities, helping him create a path that no one in the Tower, or even the universe, had ever heard of: the Demonic Divine Draconic Body.

The Demonic, Divine, and Draconic Factors found an excellent balance, transforming into a new trait that allowed Yeon-woo to possess a new body that neither Kalatus or Jeong-woo would have ever imagined. It was a near-perfect body that even G.o.ds and demons drooled over. He ran the risk of losing the potential of his body in his soul, but he no longer worried about that after gaining the Throne of Death.

Swis.h.!.+ He felt the pressure sealed inside him releasing easily with a deep holiness and powerful energy.

[You have met the conditions.]

[The sealed power ‘Death King Manifestation’ has been unlocked.]

[The sealed power ‘Opening h.e.l.l’s Door’ has been unlocked.]

[Most of the seals have been unlocked.]

[Your current condition is ‘Precarious King of the Underworld’.]

[You have now met most of the basic conditions for sitting on the throne. However, there are still groups that question your legitimacy. Prove that only you are the true owner of the throne to the heavenly world.]

[Continue gaining victories in battle and build up karma in death and fighting.]

[You can now write your very own legend.]

Yeon-woo realized that his divine power had been completely released. He had grown new wings for himself. He still had a long way to go to catch up to the legends of Hades, who had lived an unimaginable life, but now he could make an attempt.

At his current level, he was roughly on par with Typhon’s incarnation. Yeon-woo easily stood over the ordinary divine beings of each society, and in fact, he believed that he could fight most of the highest divine beings, as well. He was confident that if he returned to Tartarus right now, he could easily deal with most of the t.i.tans and Giants.

It was the same situation for the kings of the Demonic Sea. He felt a.s.sured that he could defeat Nessie if they fought again, and he thought he could even fight the Vampiric Lord too. He now had the dignity of a divine being. ‘If I can get through the seventh step, polymorph, from here…’ His eyes flashed.

He was right on the verge of exuviating, and he felt like just a little more effort would make it happen. If he could become an Elder Dragon, which was a true Draconic species, and even transcended, it would be a piece of cake to deal with the highest divine beings. Since he would be able to use his powers more freely, he might even stand a chance against Allforone.

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The reason why Yeon-woo managed to grow so fast was the book in his hand: the original revelations. Urrrng. The original copy of the Emerald Tablet contained deep and vast knowledge. Although he was far from being the wisest person, studying alchemy and magic had given him a depth of knowledge about the Tower. He also frequently had discussions with Brahm and Boo, as well as opened Hochma to study the knowledge of the dragons.


『From Luciel to Faust, Bathory, Ismenios, Nayu…all their obsessions are blooming in you. With the initiation of that child Cha Jeong-woo… I truly cannot understand. Exuviation, transcendence…they can only bring disaster. Why are you all so obsessed with this nonsense?』

The final sh.e.l.l that had seemed so easy to break didn’t budge, as though it were being held in place and something was blocking him from hatching fully.

『I know what it is you want. I feel sorry for that child, Cha Jeong-woo, but it will only end the same way as it did last time.』

Yeon-woo roared in the unbreakable egg, but the sound didn’t reach Allforone at all.

『I will stop both of you this time as well.』

A figure of light took up his blurred line of sight. He didn’t know how it happened, but Allforone had entered his consciousness not only to stop his exuviation but also to return him to the level of a mortal. The Summer Queen and the other dragons, the Vampiric Lord who’d lived for thousands of years, Faust who had chased after darkness, and even the Martial King who led the One-horned tribe into their golden age had all despaired, unable to get past this moment.

Yeon-woo was now facing the same crossroads. Would he permanently give up exuviation and finish his revenge as the strongest of the mortals, or… ‘Climb over Allforone to finish exuviation.’

He’d already made his decision. ‘I will fight.’ Yeon-woo freed all his strength to withstand the force that was trying to push him down: his level, powers, and even his divine authority!

[The Throne of Death has been released.]

Rumble! A mighty explosion of energy cracked his consciousness, shaking the library. Shelves broke apart, books spilling to the ground as pages fluttered in the air.

[6th-step awakening]

[All have been powers released.]

Yeon-woo spread his Sky Wings open with his completed Demonic Divine Draconic Body and clashed with Allforone, who had finished manifesting.

『Keekeekeek! I thought you were ripe enough, but you’ve done even more.』 Above their heads, a figure that looked like a clump of black shadows sat on some fallen shelves, observing them. The figure was faceless but an opening that looked like a mouth full of sharp teeth smiled widely. It was the manifestation of the Demonism.

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