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Chapter 196 - Demons' Forest (11)

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Chapter 196 – Demons’ Forest (11)

“It’s coming.”

Phante and Edora reacted first to Yeon-woo’s words.

While they had been checking their equipment, they quickly got up at what he said.

Lightning sparked around Phante, and Edora quietly drew her sword.

Lao didn’t understand why they were doing that. He hadn’t felt anything. His skill, Nine Snakes’ Eyes, sensed danger quickly. The fact that he hadn’t felt anything meant there wasn’t any danger nearby.

Lao thought that Yeon-woo made a mistake. The Ceratopsian Dinosaur was as powerful, no, stronger, than the Kraken.

Even if Yeon-woo was the h.o.a.rder, this was a monster that all players would be nervous for. There were rumors that Yeon-woo caught the Kraken on the 22th floor through solo playing, but the Blood Land thought this was just a rumor.

‘And if it’s not, I can check the h.o.a.rder’s skill this time.’

From Yeon-woo’s traits, skills, properties….even the artifacts that he used. He was going to keep his eyes open to observe everything. Marquis Caliburn hadn’t sent him here for nothing.

So until the Ceratopsian Dinosaur arrived, he received orders to stay by De Roy Lake.


Lao’s eyes widened when bubbles started appearing on the surface of the lake.

‘It was real?’

Lao couldn’t believe Yeon-woo’s abilities, which had sensed something that even he hadn’t been able to feel, but he immediately responded to it.

“Everyone at their positions! Beware of attacks from the outside!”

He knew that the Elohim was aiming for Yeon-woo after he had started working with Brahm.

So it was likely that they would attack when the dinosaur attacked, and everyone was busy with something else.

The players of the Blood Land had all received strict orders from Lao, so they all lifted their s.h.i.+elds and shouted their common skill.

“The shouts have stopped, and the red flag has been raised. Like the manifestation of battle…..!”

This was a clan skill that all players in the Blood Land could use, and it buffed players to increase their resistance from curses.

But this was just what was known to the public.

It actually had a large benefit.

The more players sang this song, the buff increased, putting everyone into a group hypnosis.

It was a strange feeling, like all their senses and minds were connected. While they were hypnotized, all the players became the sword of the person in charge.

They would become brave warriors without any fear of death.

This was why people who fought against the Blood Land tried to stop them from using this skill. Of course, they usually weren’t successful.

While a thick magic circle was wrapping around them—

Lao felt the strange feeling of having the lives of 30 players in his hand, and he prepared to defend against any random attack.

Suddenly, something soared up through the surface of the lake.

A large figure of about 80 meters was looking down from above the lake.

They were so close that they could only see its large shadow. Lao tilted his head to see how the creature looked.

It was a four-legged creature that had a neck and tail that was larger than its body. Its scales looked tough, like not even a sword would be able to pierce through them.

Like it was announcing its arrival, it let out a loud roar.

Yeon-woo instantly spread his Fire Wings and flew towards the head of the creature. Phante and Edora quickly got on its body and ran towards the head as well.

Lao left his subordinates in charge of standing guard and watched the scene with magic power focused on his eyes.

It was a good opportunity to see the heir presumptive and princess of the One-horned tribe.

But then.

The Ceratopsian Dinosaur opened its wide mouth and swallowed Yeon-woo and the rest of them in a single gulp.

‘What’s this?’

Lao’s face hardened. A sight that he couldn’t believe even though he had seen it with his own eyes had just happened. He thought Yeon-woo and his party would force themselves out, but they weren’t resisting.

‘They were eaten?’

Something was strange.

Lao was extremely confused.


“Ugh. This is disgusting.”

Phante scowled at the spit that was covering his body. Even though he tried to shake it off, the smell still lingered.

If Yeon-woo hadn’t said to, it was a method he never would’ve tried.

“But….I guess it’s a bit interesting. A demon’s a demon after all,” Phante muttered to himself while he looked around.

A red sky. A vast horizon. He could even see dried up yellow leaves. He would never have imagined this was the stomach of the Ceratopsian Dinosaur.

At first, when Yeon-woo said to be eaten by the dinosaur, he thought Yeon-woo was joking.

Who would intentionally be eaten during a raid? You could enter the monster’s stomach and swing your sword around, but no one would use that stupid method.

Before you entered the stomach, you would probably be crushed by the teeth, or melt from the digestive enzymes.


Yeon-woo said to be eaten with a serious voice.

They could get him using the normal method, but then, they would lose the most important section.

So Phante had asked. Just what was that important section? And Yeon-woo had answered like this.

-Its Magic Core.

The Magic Core was usually the heart or the Neidan.

But from what Phante knew, the Ceratopsian Dinosaur’s heart would come out if you slit its neck.

Yeon-woo said that wasn’t right.

-There are 5 organs that you can call the Ceratopsian Dinosaur’s heart. But there’s only one that you can get from the outside. To get the other 4, you have to enter its mind.

It was a hidden piece within a hidden piece.

That was what Yeon-woo said.

So he had trusted him to come inside, and it seemed like Yeon-woo was right.


They said that Ceratopsian Dinosaurs were in the process of turning into a demon from a Demonic species.

If so, it made sense that its inside would be composed of a complex consciousness.

‘Is it something like an Illusionary World?’

Phante became nervous thinking of the Illusionary World that Brahm made. In an Illusionary World, the creator was the king. The penalty of intruders would be extreme.

Of course, since there was a difference in its complexity, this probably couldn’t be called an actual Illusionary World. But it was safe to call this a ‘Vestige s.p.a.ce.’

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This wasn’t a difficulty that could be cleared with just 3 people.

The adventurer De Roy was famous for being one of the very first players and the one to find the secret of the 23rd floor. He was also the person who created ‘demonic studies,’ having found the relations.h.i.+p between Demonic species and demons.

However, it was said that the records of De Roy weren’t really that great anyway, since it only had records of what De Roy saw from day to day.

October 2nd. Clear. Dug the 17th floor. There was nothing here. October 10th. Cloudy. Dug 7 meters deep. I think I didn’t dig in the right area…

It was all information like this, but Vieira kept on saying that we had to gather the records of the adventurer De Roy.

She said it was necessary to learn demonic studies.

Catching the Ceratopsian Dinosaur was a hidden piece, and understanding the secret of the records was a hidden piece in itself as well.

His brother had received help from Vieira Dune to learn about demonic studies. It was a chance to contact demons and learn new magic.

Normally, De Roy liked magic studies, but he had problems with the Magic Tower, and his studies were taken from him. Even though they took them, the records that he had were more detailed.

‘Thinking of learning magic from a dragon and a demon at the same time….he’s my brother but…..he’s crazy.’

And the demon that his brother had met was an incredible one.

‘The Grand Duke of the East, Agares.’

He was one of the demons who were the 4 pillars of demonic society. The society was better known as Solomon’s 72 demons, and devil king Agares was ranked 2nd out of all of them.

Because his brother has been cherished by the ancient dragon Kalatus and the Grand Duke Agares, it was no wonder he was able to grow so fast.

Of course, Yeon-woo didn’t plan on actually making a contract with a demon just because he learned demonic studies.

Demonic studies wasn’t just about dealing your soul away to a demon.

Rather, there were a lot of methods around it.

His brother had also done this. He borrowed the strength of Agares, but he didn’t actually have a contract with him. Like him, Yeon-woo was planning on using demonic studies in a different way.

‘After Sesha becomes healthy again, and the newly caught demon can be used to complete the Philosopher’s Stone, I can use it then.’

Since he had Brahm’s trans.m.u.tation circle, Yeon-woo was already thinking about completing the Philosopher’s Stone. And the answer to this was demonic studies.

Of course, it might not all go as Yeon-woo planned.

Unless the demons were fools, they would know that Brahm was coming after them. But Brahm has expected that and planned out several different strategies, and Yeon-woo had helped him while supporting him to set the trans.m.u.tation circle up. He deserved to take something away from it.

Also, Yeon-woo and Brahm were confident that they could catch a demon.

And once they did, getting the Devil’s Blessing and De Roy’s records were a must.

[New Demonic species are appearing.]

[Warning! Survive from the monster rush.]

Then, with a new message, a black wave started to come from far away.


It was a Demonic species army made up of hundreds, even thousands. They were all rus.h.i.+ng over to eat Yeon-woo’s party.

Phante and Edora seemed nervous seeing their number.

But Yeon-woo had an easy way to get rid of them.

He spread out his left hand. Bathory’s Vampiric Sword revealed itself with its teeth bared like it was hungry.

Clack, clack.


Yeon-woo put his left hand to the floor. Then, the teeth suddenly sunk into the ground and attempted an Energy Drain.

The world shook.

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