Second Life Ranker

사도연 - Sadoyeon

Chapter 128 - War Preparation (3)

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Chapter 128: War Preparation (3)

So it could be more pure. More efficient. Normally, as you climbed the floors, the rank of the magic power would increase correspondingly.

However, the impatient Bayluk found another way to raise the rank.

It was crazy.

Too much time and too much materials were required, but we partic.i.p.ated, because who else would?

And we thought it would be fun as well. But he had really done it. What a crazy b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

But thanks to that, our growth was unparalleled.

There were two main reasons why Arthia was able to be so successful.

The first one was Jeong-woo’s meeting with the dragon on the 11th floor.

And the second one was Bayluk’s experiments.

The dragon Kalatus’s [TN: May be different from how past tl spelled it, this is the dragon that gave Jeong-woo his Draconic Eyes.] body still wasn’t ready, but I wasn’t worried about it because it would be finished soon.

However, the Strengthening Item was different. His brother hadn’t written exactly how it was made, because it wasn’t interested in alchemy.

He just thought it was something amazing that Bayluk created.

But he had still written the basic ingredients and their ratios in case he needed it in the future. And that was left in the diary for him.

‘But if it was something that could be created from just knowing the ratios of ingredients, it wouldn’t be Bayluk’s product.’

When making it, some ingredients had to be frozen and some had to be dried, so it took a lot of work. But Yeon-woo didn’t have the time to check each and everyone of those, so he needed to learn about alchemy. So he was planning on learning about it soon, but now wasn’t the time.

But thankfully, the Spirit Familiars didn’t have to worry about that. They had the ability to absorb whatever they received in an efficient way.

Even if he didn’t prepare it, they would be able to digest it well.

‘It would be nice if the Spirit Familiars could evolve by themselves. But the limit of the Black Bracelet doesn’t allow them to do that right now. So I have to use this method.’

The only option in the Black Bracelet was the use of the Spirit Familiars. That meant he couldn’t make them anything more than Spirit Familiars.

But Yeon-woo wanted them to be a higher rank, and he solved this by using the Strengthening Item.

[Boo (Soul of the Witch Doctor) has successfully absorbed the Blue Amethyst.]

[Magic energy has increased by 3.]

[Water property has increased by 2.]


[You have reached the limit of powering up Boo (Soul of the Witch Doctor). It is likely that more leveling up than this will negatively affect the spirit’s body.]

[Boo (Soul of the Witch Doctor) is suffering from the continued energy intake. His spiritual vessel is starting to crumble.]

[Boo (Soul of the Witch Doctor) has absorbed the Black Rose. His stats are not affected.]



Boo’s body shook. Even the best vitamins weren’t healthy if not taken in moderation. So it wasn’t strange that his magic power was exploding from absorbing all the hidden pieces.

Yeon-woo forcefully stopped his crumbling body with black energy. But even in this situation, Boo’s consciousness didn’t fade away. He wanted to control his new power.

The orders that Yeon-woo had given him. To bear it, and to absorb. He was holding on with those two orders.

As a Spirit Familiar who followed their owner’s orders, this was obvious.

Boo pressed down his magic power that was about to explode. His fading mind turned sharp, and he could once again feel his body. And even during all this, he continued to absorb what was given to him.

‘Success. However you must. This is the reason why I chose you, since you have the ability to think for yourself.’

Yeon-woo continually gave him black energy. And if his evolution was successful, he had already chosen who was going to be next.

‘After the magician, it should be the knight.’

Thankfully, Yeon-woo had a spirit that was as powerful as Boo.


If he could bring his power as a semi ranker, Yeon-woo didn’t need to worry about pulling up all his powers to their max.

And so while he was having those thoughts. Boo absorbed the last hidden piece. The magic power within that hadn’t been able to expand was shaking around in his body. Then. Boo’s body b.u.mped up and down. He floated up like a balloon, but he didn’t pop and came back down.

There was new development.

[Boo (Soul of the Witch Doctor) has overcome his limits. You have earned ‘Complete Evil Vestige.’]

[The evolution is beginning.]


Like when Yeon-woo achieved his new physique, the sound of something a.s.sembling itself with Boo could be heard.

His fading body became clear and turned into a tangible shape. Little by little, it was turning into a human-like figure.

Black energy and death energy spread around him and turned into a piece of cloth. It turned into a robe, and Boo slowly got on his knees to bow to Yeon-woo.

[I greet. My master.]

It was a clear voice incomparable to when he was a Spirit Familiar. That meant he now had the complete ability to think for himself.

[Boo (Soul of the Witch Doctor) has successfully evolved. The magician of death, Liege, has been born.]

[Congratulations! You have found a way to carry out death. Continue to search for more methods. The power of darkness will always be with you.]

[You have accomplished an achievement not easily accomplished. Additional Karma is being rewarded.]

[You have earned 5,000 Karma.]

[You have earned an additional 3,000 Karma.]

[This achievement will not be added to the trial of the 11th floor as it was done personally.]


[You have earned the t.i.tle ‘One Who Carries Death.’]

[t.i.tle: One Who Carries Death]

The world is split into the two sides of life and death. They hate each other, as they cannot mix with each other. However, with this t.i.tle, you will receive love and blessings from both dead and alive people.

Effect: All properties regarding the undead increase. Control of the darkness properties +20.

Yeon-woo tightly clenched his fists seeing the new earned t.i.tle.

Earning a t.i.tle meant that it was something that others hadn’t easily achieved, or it was something that completely had to overcome his limits to be accomplished.

Right now, his limits were only the Black Bracelet. However, the system acknowledged it because he had created Liege.


[You have earned new knowledge about death. Your knowledge spectrum has widened. The proficiency of ‘Draconic Eyes’ has increased. 35.1%]

Yeon-woo could feel the growth of his Draconic Eyes. He felt as if his world had grown. But on one hand, he felt slightly worried. What happened if Liege escaped the control of the Black Bracelet? He could take care of it, but he wanted to avoid that situation because it would be a waste of hidden pieces.

Thankfully, Boo was the same.

[Master. Is the person. That pulled me out from. Drowning. Please order. Me to do whatever. I will willingly. Follow your orders.]

His words were benign cut-off from his body not completely settling yet, but it didn’t affect communication with him.

“Then what magic are you currently capable of?”

Liege’s past life was important to Yeon-woo. He needed to figure out his abilities.

[When I was alive. No. In my past life, I could do general things.]

“What does general things mean?”

[First. I’ll show you. Could you. Perhaps. Give me a part. Of the souls you have?]

Yeon-woo gathered a lot of souls pa.s.sing the floors. Now, his collection was at 1,500/

As he pulled out 3 of them, Boo lifted his bowed head.

His head that was covered by his head was revealed. In his empty eye sockets, blue will o’ the wisps bloomed.

Boo reached his hand out to the three souls, and fire bloomed at the tip of his fingertips.

The first soul exploded like fireworks. And in the area where its dust fell, the floor split and a spotted dog appeared. His two eyes were dead.

[It’s called. ‘Death Summons.’ Using souls as an exchange. I can summon. Them. If it has a corpse. I can take it out. Skeletons and zombies.]

Boo flicked his hand to return the summons, and exploded the second soul this time.

And an ashy fog filled up his room.

It was something Yeon-woo had seen before. It raised fear, and was a buff skill for him.

[It’s called ‘Fog of Blood.’ As you can see. It can show illusions. And give fear. To enemies. So sometimes. It gives the. Health and magic power. Taken from enemies. To allies.]

Yeon-woo’s eyes s.h.i.+ned. The effects of Fog of Blood were better than he thought. In a large scale war, there was nothing better than this.

[And this is. ‘Corpse Absorption.’]

The last soul exploded. And in its place, a fire soared up and disappeared.

[Depending on. How much there is. Of corpses and souls. Basic magic of. Fire and ice. Can be used.]

Boo lowered his head.

[In my. Past life. I was a witch doctor. Unlike a dark magician. Or a sorcerer. I am specialized in. Corpses and curses.]

His voice was dark, but also firm at the same time.

[And so. Right now. This is all I can do. But I can become stronger. And I won’t disappoint. My master. By becoming a stronger. Liege.]

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As much as Boo was talented in corpses and curses, he was weak with basic magic. So Boo considered that to be a shame.


[You don’t even need to ask why. I was born and raised in Red Dragon, and I have no will to leave them even after death.]

From when Shanon was born, he was under Red Dragon. His loyalty for his clan was unprecedented.

One could even say his affection for his subordinates came from his affection for his clan.

Yeon-woo inwardly clicked his tongue.

He didn’t expect it to be easy. But to think he would be this stubborn.

‘But I must get him on my side.’

It wasn’t easy to get a soul like Shanon. And he wanted to learn about the focal points he had taught him.

He wanted to convince him, but if that wasn’t possible, he was planning on forcing him to surrender.

However, in that process, his soul could be damaged.

Because there wasn’t any other way, there was nothing he could do.

“There’s nothing I can do. Then I’ll have to force you.”

[Hm? Do you have a method?]

“I collected your soul, but do you think I can’t bind you to me?”

[Hm. That’s true. That can’t happen. Oh no.]

Shanon muttered like he wasn’t happy. Yeon-woo extended his hand and paused. It seemed like he had changed his mind.

[You can’t just send me off?]

“I can’t.”

[You have a lot of greed. Not even letting me rest in death. Hm. Well, ok, that doesn’t sound too bad. Since I was under Red Dragon during my entire life, looking outside of it should be ok.”

Shanon was lost in his thoughts for a moment, and turned to look at Yeon-woo.

[Then I have a condition.]

Yeon-woo pulled his hand back.

“Go ahead.”

[I’ll obey you. However, leave my free will alone. And make me stronger. Then when I was alive. Not just the power of a semi ranker, but of a high ranker.]

Shanon’s blurry eyes s.h.i.+ned.

Actually, there was something that surpa.s.sed his loyalty to Red Dragon.

The pa.s.sion to become a strong person.

He was blocked on the 49th floor and had to remain a semi ranker. If there was one thing he regretted, it was not becoming a ranker and climb the 77th floor.

He wanted to reach the standards for being strong. Also. That was what Yeon-woo wanted as well.

“I will also become stronger. More than others”

[Then it’s settled. To be honest, I knew it from when I first saw you. That you were the same species as me. Hehe.]

“But before that, there’s something I have to do. And you might have to fight against Red Dragon and meet your comrades in war.”

The last test.

[I’m prepared for that much. I’m starting a new life, so there’s no need to place too much thought for the past things, right?]

He was so different now from awhile ago that it seemed like he was someone else.

“Why did your mind suddenly change?”

[I don’t want to be stubborn.]


[And I don’t want to break myself. So if I have to cross over. Yeah. I wanted to cross over with my mind intact. Also.]

Yeon-woo thought Shanon might be smiling.

[I’m curious about what you’ll do in the future. Wouldn’t I be able to see that if I stay by your side?]

Yeon-woo shook his head.

Shanon was difficult to understand. On one hand, he was st.u.r.dy and firm. But on the other hand, he was soft enough to bend over.

But he was sure of one thing

With this guy, his path would be smoother.

Yeon-woo pulled out his subs.p.a.ce pocket.

“Then now, please absorb the items in the order I give them to you.”

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