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Chapter 983 - Public Execution

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Chapter 983: Public Execution

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At the edge of the unworldly world, countless Fuxi members stared at this with empty minds.

Like a giant who knew no exhaustion, Zhong Yue swung the saber time and time again until he finally decapitated Feng Zhen!

He used the [Dao Crusher] that could crush all Daos in this universe. As long as the Daos were traceable and observable by the totem patterns, then it would be able to slash everything it touched!

Though Feng Zhen’s body was sealed by Fu Shang and his Yuan Shen was suppressed, his body was still powerful that the webbing of Zhong Yue’s would split with every slash!

But that did not stop the monarch level body from resisting the [Dao Crusher]!

With each slash, Zhong Yue would find it easier to sever the totem patterns in Feng Zhen, cutting deep into his flesh and slashing his veins apart.

His saber sharpened as time passed and the number of slashes needed to sever Feng Zhen’s head decreased tremendously.

After a few hours, he had already decapitated Feng Zhen’s head a few hundred times, but the persistent old man continued to regrow his head endlessly while Zhong Yue continued swinging the saber tirelessly.

There was only one thing he sought after, which was to kill Feng Zhen by executing this Fuxi Celestial Race’s traitor before each and every Fuxi in the unworldly land!

Fu Mei’s eyes twitched non-stop. Though as a monarch, their Immortal Body could not last too long, if they suffered a certain level of injuries, the Immortal Body would still break.

Of course, with how strong they were, it would have taken Zhong Yue a few hundred years to kill Feng Zhen.

But things were different now as Feng Zhen was being suppressed.

On top of him sat a monstrous monarch who suppressed his body and Yuan Shen, resulting in a situation where when Zhong Yue decapitated him, his Yuan Shen was being cut off along with his head!

Yuan Shen too, was able to achieve the Immortal Body and Feng Zhen had achieved it. However, compared to the body, the Yuan Shen required even more energy to maintain the Immortal Body, hence, it would only take less than two years to kill Feng Zhen if Zhong Yue kept this up!

And the worst part was that with Feng Zhen’s body still in the seals, the seals were draining his energy quickly even faster than the speed Zhong Yue beheaded him with!

This also meant that even less time was needed for Zhong Yue to kill Feng Zhen!

Other than that, Fu Mei also knew that with each strike, Zhong Yue’s attacks grew ever more perfect, becoming stronger and faster with each passing second.

Zhong Yue was improving quickly; each strike was a test to him as he beheaded Feng Zhen, pushing him further to the next level and perfected his saber techniques.

With such massive improvements, Zhong Yue was able to kill Feng Zhen’s Yuan Shen and body in an even shorter time!

At this rate, it was only a matter of time until Feng Zhen’s death!

“Little friend Wuji, what are you doing?” shouted an elder of the Fuxi Celestial Race.

Zhong Yue, however, ignored him entirely as he continued swinging his saber, beheading Feng Zhen time and time again as soon as Feng Zhen’s head grew out again.

“This is an execution!”

A Fuxi celestial being trembled, “Public execution!”

Silence shadowed over the entire unworldly world. Public executing their old ancestor Feng Zhen before them, the Fuxi Celestial Race in the unworldly world, just how brave was this person and how brutal was he?

He was literally acting like they were non-existent!

But he did that regardless, chopping off Feng Zhen’s head repeatedly in front of them without mercy.

“Little friend Wuji, how could you?”

A lady teared and said tremblingly, “He’s just an old man!”

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A Fuxi celestial being shouted angrily, “Xiao Wuji! What kind of hero would bullying an old man make you? I dare you to show your might against me instead!”

But Zhong Yue ignored all the noise and continued to rain down slashes onto Feng Zhen’s neck, honing his [Dao Crusher] throughout the whole process; previously, he needed more than a hundred thousand cuts to kill Feng Zhen. But now, he needed only about a thousand cuts!

“Old ancestor Fu Mei, please help old ancestor Feng Zhen!” cried the Fuxi celestial beings as they all knelt on the river bank.

Fu Mei’s eyes twitched again and he suddenly said after taking a look at the horrendous shadow hiding behind the seals, “All elders! Charge with me, stall that enemy and save Feng Zhen! Who is coming with me?”

The countless Fuxi celestial beings all looked at each other with a blank expression and suddenly, with one of them secretly moved backward, that celestial being triggered a chain effect, causing all of them moving backward, leaving only a few elders at the front.

Seeing this, the elders also moved backwards after a hesitation, leaving only Fu Mei by himself.


The furious Fu Mei questioned, “Why are you all such cowards? Show me your bravery, fight with him! If we fail, we will still die an honorable death!”

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But his words had the celestial beings faltered even more.


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