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Chapter 775 - Old Me, True Me

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Chapter 775: Old Me, True Me

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

However, old clan master and the others were still puzzled. Who was the one that stopped the last Heaven’s Jealousy lightning tribulation? And why did it suddenly come back again?

And why did Zhong Yue trigger the Heavenly Tribulation in the first place?

As the last lightning bolt struck onto him and dispersed into smoke, a strange aura rose within Zhong Yue’s body—it was the aura of a god. The transcendance of a mortal to the deityhood just like a chrysalis turning into butterfly.

He had taken a huge step in his path of cultivation, one that elevated him from a mortal to something beyond — a god!

The aura brewed stronger as time passed, Zhong Yue’s mortal body was 10 thousand feet tall, even if he was sitting down, he still looked like a giant mountain.

But what was more surprising were the bright rays of light emanating out of his body.

Zhong Yue remained unmoving for a long time; all of a sudden, the divine third eye opened on his forehead and a second Zhong Yue walked out of it.

The old clan master and the other Leizhe dragons were stunned, they looked in bewilderment at the second Zhong Yue who was walking of his Zhong Yue’s divine third eye.

There were two Zhong Yue?

The one sitting was huge and magnificent, although just sitting down, the energy brimming in him could be felt pulsing vibrantly. He felt like a babaric god that had slaughtered a billion lives.

Whereas the other was relatively small, the size of a normal human. He held a gentle smile on his face and the innate Qi in his body. Although he didn’t emanate a domineering aura like the other one, this Zhong Yue felt like a young innate god.

The second Zhong Yue walked up to the crowd and bowed. The old clan master reciprocated the formality, then he asked puzzlingly, “Little cousin of the Fuxi Clan, why are there two of you? Who is the other one?”

Zhong Yue looked back and said with the gentle smile on his face, “That is my mortal body, the body that I shed.”

The elder grew even more puzzling, “I can feel the Yuan Shen residing in it. If that’s your old body, why is there also a Yuan Shen in it? Wait, you…”

A shocked expression radiated across his wrinkled face as he stuttered, “You… you….”

Zhong Yue smiled and confirmed his conjecture, “Yes, I’ve also shed away my old Yuan Shen.”

The old clan master’s head tumbled into chaos as he thought unbelieveably,Shedding off even one’s old Yuan Shen?

Achieving the innate mortal body and innate Yuan Shen with this sort of method was something that the Leizhe Clan’s clan master had never heard of!

Of course, the old clan master knew about the innate mortal body and innate Yuan Shen. After all, they were both cultivation techniques that originated from the Leizhe Clan and Fuxi Clan but was later leaked out from the two clans.

In the Zi Wei Galaxy, there were also cultivators and gods that have cultivated the innate mortal body and innate Yuan Shen. All of them had acquired the cultivation techniques unscrupulously from the two clans.

However, the innate mortal body and innate Yuan Shen they were cultivating were far different than Zhong Yue’s innate mortal body and innate Yuan Shen. One could even say that the two were fundamentally different sets of cultivation techniques!

All because that the other cultivators and gods didn’t shed away their old selves. They couldn’t separate out their old mortal body and old Yuan Shen.

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But Zhong Yue had done precisely that!

How did he do it? Although hard to believe, it was still possible for them to accept the fact that one could shed off the old mortal body, but to even shed off the old Yuan Shen?

The old clan master was curious, in just a short while of time, his understanding on the world of cultivation had been upended by Zhong Yue. One must know that the Yuan Shen was the atman, the atman was the soul and spirit combined. Betwen the two, the soul was the hardest to cultivate, it was still an impossible task for current Qi Practitioners to cultivate the innate soul.

The innate Yuan Shen that the Zi Wei Galaxy referred to was merely just cultivating the innate spirit, then enhancing the soul through infusing the innate Qi into it and cultivate the Pure Yang soul through lightning tempering. They would then infuse the innate Qi into the soul again to boost the soul to a pseudo innate state.

If there had never been anyone to completely shed away the old mortal body, let alone shedding away the old Yuan Shen as well.

Could this be why he was able to trigger the Heaven Tribulation?

Then, the surrounding experts watched dumbfoundedly with their mouth agape at Zhong Yue’s old mortal body slowly standing up from the ground. His mortal body was also shrinking and in no time returned to his normal size; treading across the space in a strong and steady gait, he bowed at Zhong Yue and said, “Senior martial brother.”

Zhong Yue shook, “You are the old me, you are the senior martial brother.”

The second Zhong Yue shook, “The better ones are the elders, you’ve excelled further than I have, and you are the true me. Thus, you are the senior martial brother.”

“Alright, fine then. You are the old me, thus, you will carry the name of Gu 1Yue and live in the 3,000 Six Paths World for me.” Zhong Yue smiled, “That way, you can help alleviate some pressure from my shoulders.”

Gu Yue nodded.

On the other hand, the old clan master and the Leizhe elder dragons exchanged a look after witnessing this peculiar scene. The exchange between two Zhong Yue was so surreal; they were simply unable to reconcile that one was the old him and the other the current him.

Zhong Yue’s old self, Gu Yue, was also a god just like the others, in flesh, blood, and mortal body. He had a completed Yuan Shen with spirit and soul. He felt just like a perfectly fine individual being, one that was born naturally and a complete person!

Moreover, when compared to other gods, he was far stronger than his peers, no more than a few could actually put up a match against him.

On the other hand, Zhong Yue also possessed the same. However, his aura felt closer to the innate gods, one that was still at the nascent stages of its life.


Yet, both of them were Zhong Yue, it couldn’t help but puzzle even the elders.

The Leizhe Clan experts knew there were more than many mystical and exquisite cultivation techniques that allowed cultivators to cultivate the incarnations or clones of themselves.

But the incarnations were simply recreations of themselves through certain means. The clones were formed using their body parts, such as a finger or a strand of hair. Anything that was from one’s body and refined into a replica of themselves would be considered as clones.

In contrast, incarnations required one to allocate a part of their soul to reside and manipulate the body, it was more agile and responsive; whereas the clones required the cultivator to manually control them.

But Zhong Yue and Gu Yue clearly did not have this kind of relationship, whether it be master-incarnation or a master-clone. They were both Zhong Yue, both had their own independent and complete souls, spirits and Yuan Shens, together with genuine mortal bodies.

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It was so strange the elders felt like banging their heads on the walls.

Zhong Yue looked at Gu Yue and asked, “You’ll walk the 3,000 Six Paths Worlds in my place, what treasures should I give you?”

“The more, the better.” Gu Yue replied, “I want all of the treasures you’ve plundered from Realm Monarch Bo Luo’s treasure vault. The abundance of treasure allows me to befriend with experts easier and make ties with more allies.”

Zhong Yue nodded, he passed all of the treasures from Realm Monarch Bo Luo’s treasure vault to Gu Yue, as well as the Bi Xie Rhino carriage, he said, “The Zi Wei Galaxy has no Six Paths World, it is useless with me. Take it with you, it can help you out of dangers.”

Gu Yue took it over and boarded the carriage, he gave a stern yell and the four Bi Xie Rhino rushed and disappeared in the dimension of Hell.

Then, Zhong Yue turned to the elders and smiled, “I’ve embarassed myself in front of the elders by talking to myself.”

The old clan master and the elders looked at one another; a few moments later, an elder asked, “Cousin, you and Gu Yue, who is the main one?”

“We are both myself, there is no difference in position. However, he is the old me while I am the current and true me; thus, you can consider me the main self.” Zhong Yue smiled.

The old clan master and elders were still puzzled, while Zhong Yue smiled, “I’ll leave behind the cultivation technique of my innate mortal body and innate Yuan Shen. Please, may the elder cousins correct me if there is anything wrong.”

The old clan master and elders were agitated, they immediately grabbed a cliff over and placed it in front of Zhong Yue. Zhong Yue mulled for moments beside the cliff, then carving his attainments and knowledge of his innate mortal body and innate Yuan Shen on the cliff surface.

The old clan master and elders rushed to the front and praised from the bottom of their hearts.

Zhong Yue had even carved his cultivation technique of the innate soul, including some of Goddess Shen Hou’s attainments after Goddess Hou Tu shed away her old skin.

This was also the inspiration for Zhong Yue to shed away his old mortal body. But the key for him to do so was actually the ancestral blood given to him by Goddess Shen Hou. When he refined the ancestral blood, he found it containing Goddess Hou Tu’s attainments in shedding the old skin. Thus, Zhong Yue was able to also shed away his old mortal body during ascension into deityhood, allowing his prowess to be purer and stronger!

He didn’t separate his cultivation base into two parts, but instead, created a new self out of his old self; while in the process of improving his cultivation, all the while retaining the old him behind.

The crowd looked at the carvings on the cliff that was even obscure and difficult to understand for them. Even if they could understand it all, it would still be nearly impossible to replicate Zhong Yue’s success. After all, the experiences, the battles that Zhong Yue had gone through, his attainments, his mind and soul, and heart were all unique to him and only him.

All of a sudden, the teleportation portal in the Lei Zhe Continent glimmered, a burst of loud laughter could be heard saying, “Old clan master, Yiqi is here to trouble you again.”

The old clan master quickly stood up and welcomed the guest, “Yiqi, why are you back again?”

Jiang Yiqi walked out of the teleportation portal, he said, “I’ve told Nong Sovereign of the Fuxi’s appearance. Now, Nong Sovereign wants to meet with the Fuxi, there are many things he wants to tell him. Nong Sovereign also chided me for asking Fuxi to act as Xuan Yuan’s guardian. Today, I am here looking for the clan master to see if I can still track and chase up to Fuxi’s whereabouts.”

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The old clan master laughed, “Just right in time. He was here for a second attempt of the Ancient Lei Zhe Realm and hasn’t left yet.”

Jiang Yiqi followed the old clan master, he asked curiously, “The second ascension ceremony? The last time he was at the 48th level, clan master you said he has the potential of an Imperial Emperor. How about this time?”

“The 81st, he has acquired the Innate Dao Fruit.”

Jiang Yiqi was shocked, he asked quietly, “The 81st level of the Ancient Lei Zhe Realm, what potential brims within him?”

The old clan master smiled, he raised his head and stared into the sky, “Just how high are the heavens?”

Jiang Yiqi remained silent for seconds, then he sighed, “I am far below Nong Sovereign’s wisdom. Nong Sovereign said I shouldn’t have asked Fuxi to act as a guardian, stating that my request is only looking down on Fuxi, a humiliation to him. I didn’t agree with it back then, but now I know, the depth and width of Nong Sovereign’s wisdom are beyond my reach.”

The old clan master asked curiously, “How did Nong Sovereign describe Zhong Yue?”

Jiang Yiqi replied, “Nong Sovereign said he didn’t dare to let Xuan Yuan become a Fuxi; but Zhong Yue was brave enough to become a Fuxi. Fuxi stands at a higher platform than him.”

The old clan master startled, then sighed, “Nong Sovereign has been trapped in the Zi Wei Galaxy for all his life. If he was to be let free in the wild, who knows what kind of empire can be built. It’s a shame that he was confined to the Zi Wei Galaxy with no chance of using them even till the end of his time. But if he wants to see the Fuxi, I am afraid it is impossible as the risk that follows is too great.”

Then, the old clan master told Jiang Yiqi of Zhong Yue’s capture by King Zi Guang and escape from the Heaven Origin Reincarnation Mirror. Jiang Yiqi frowned, he let out a deep breath saying, “Nong Sovereign wants to see him before his time ends, to pass Fuxi his ideals and dreams. No matter what, I will convince the Fuxi to come with me!”

When the duo found Zhong Yue and Jiang Yiqi told him Nong Sovereign’s wish, “Nong Sovereign is dying, he wants to meet Fuxi before he takes his last breath.”

The old clan master opened his mouth, he wanted to advise against, but couldn’t speak a word.

“I will go!” Zhong Yue’s heart shuddered in emotions, he said, “Without Nong Sovereign, there will be no humans in the Ancestral Star! I will follow you to see the Nong Sovereign!”

Jiang Yiqi initially prepared a long speech to convince Zhong Yue and he was on his plan doing so when he suddenly heard Zhong Yue saying. Then, he quickly replied, “Your identity is exposed, going for the Zi Wei Galaxy will place you in great danger! Fuxi, think thrice of your decision!”

The old clan master immediately rolled his eyes at Jiang Yiqi, he thought, What a funny guy, first he wants to convince Fuxi to follow him, then now Fuxi accepts to go, he turned around and adviced Fuxi against it…

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