Return of the Female Knight

Lee Halin, 이하린

Chapter 226 - I Won’t Lose (1)

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Ch. 226 …I Won’t Lose (1)

“The winner of this match will be the champion of the tournament. Who will the goddess of victory smile upon?”

Because it was the last match, the host gave a longer introduction to the crowd than usual. The audience in the stands were on their feet, and were shouting at the top of their lungs for the knights they supported.

“Derek! Derek! Derek!”

“Wickley! Wickley!”

The stadium was filled more intense fervor than ever. At the challenge of facing her first difficult opponent in a long time, Elena felt her sleeping instinct slowly start to wake up. With only a split second to react in battle, the wrong choice between attack or defense could spell death. After a few games of life and death, it became like a drug. However, experiencing the moment of the battle was a thrill unlike anything else.

Despite Elena’s rising anticipation, she calmly looked at Wickley across from her, proudly standing beside his horse. Wickley had a muscular physique even compared to other men, and so when he stood up straight, his form looked considerably different from Elena’s slim one.

‘The pain medicine has made this easier, but I’ll be at a disadvantage if that battle drags out.’

If she fought with Wickley directly, she would be forced to use more energy with her relatively weaker muscles. She had to control the flow of the match to her favor.

“Knights, please get on horseback.”

At the host’s signal, Elena mounted the horse that was prepared for Derek. When she turned her head, she noticed that Carlisle was watching her closely with a fierce expression. He really did look a moment’s away from leaping into the arena himself. She was here for Derek of course, so she wouldn’t let it happen. However, the thought of it brought a warm smile to her face.

‘…I won’t lose.’

Now and in the future, Elena would not lose a fight for Carlisle.


Elena swung her lance atop her horse. The wind blew through the handkerchief, causing it to point in Carlisle’s direction. She had done it intentionally, and Carlisle understood the gesture immediately. He was meant to believe in Elena and wait.

A smile crossed his mouth, but his brow was furrowed in a frown. For a very brief moment, Elena’s and Carlisle’s eyes met in midair, their feelings coming across each other wordlessly.

When all the match preparations were complete, the host continued.

“At the signal, begin the final match.”

Kung kung kung kung.

The sound of drums rang in the air, thundering like the collective heartbeat of everyone in the stadium.

Elena looked at Wickley from across the arena. She could see the confidence in his eyes between the slats of his helmet.


When the signal went off, Wickley and Elena charged at each other at the same time.


The harsh sound of hooves thundered on the dirt, and two lances clashed in the air.

Chang! Chang!

Dozens of attacks and counter attacks were exchanged in the blink of an eye. The audience could barely contain themselves at the incredible display of skill.

Wickley’s spear shot furiously towards Elena’s side.


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Elena noticed it quickly and rapidly struck it away. Wickley’s attacks grew in speed in power, and Elena’s red eyes shone brightly as she took in her opponent’s every minute movement.


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