Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Lucky Old Cat, 天运老猫

Chapter 884 - Empress Purple Jade

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Chapter 884 - Empress Purple Jade

The Mind Space System's sudden launch in God's Domain had massively impacted the real world.

Shi Feng could clearly remember that, when this system had launched in his previous life, the world had gone crazy over it.

Before the new system had been revealed, very few major corporations and financial groups had been willing to invest into God's Domain. Most only wanted to observe. Take the Big Dipper Training Center for example. Although the corporation's higher-ups had known about God's Domain, none of them had paid particular attention to the game. Instead, they had focused on developing the training center itself. The other corporations within the city shared similar thoughts. After all, without any clear signs of profit, who would recklessly invest in the game?

However, when the new system had been implemented, these individuals could no longer resist. Every one of these corporations had invested into God's Domain, hoping to get a share of the pie.

Due to these people, the cost of Coins had undergone massive inflation. Shi Feng had even earned a small fortune by taking advantage of the price increases.

Considering the situation, Shi Feng immediately called Melancholic Smile and Aqua Rose, instructing them to start purchasing large sums of Coins as soon as they could log back into God's Domain. The more Coins they amassed now, the more profit they could earn in the future.


Inside Big Dipper Training Center's reception room, a middle-aged man lounged on a sofa made of soft, white tiger leather. On either side of him stood a man and a woman. Both this man and woman only looked to be around 18 or 19 years old. However, they both carried a martial artist's aura.

"Uncle Yuan, this Shi Feng fellow is too arrogant. He has made us wait for so long. Even Big Dipper's Director wouldn't dare to neglect us like this," the young man wearing blue, martial arts robes said impatiently, frowning deeply.

Although the Secret Pavilion was different from Super Guilds, it still had significant influence in the real world. Moreover, the Pavilion had recently agreed to collaborate with a few international corporations, elevating its status. Every single corporation within this city would be more than eager to gain the Pavilion's favor.

Yet, even after venturing this far for a personal visit, not only had Shi Feng not welcomed them himself, but even after over ten minutes, Shi Feng was nowhere to be seen. He wasn't taking them seriously.

"We're not in a rush. In any case, he hasn't refused to meet us," Yuan Tiexin said, chuckling. "Moreover, we are the ones who want to collaborate with Zero Wing. A small wait doesn't matter. You are still too brash. This is why the Guild Leader told you to temper yourself. You should learn from Wen Hua."

At Yuan Tiexin's words, the male youth turned to the beautiful woman standing on the other side of Yuan Tiexin, falling silent.

He wasn't qualified to respond.

There were three great geniuses among the experts the Secret Pavilion nurtured internally. The most popular among the three was Cold Autumn as he had broken through the Half-step Refinement Realm at such a young age and had officially entered the Refinement Realm. Wen Hua, who had joined a little before Cold Autumn, followed closely behind.

Even the Secret Pavilion's old monsters repeated praised Wen Hua's combat talents. They all concluded that her chances of reaching the Domain Ream were quite high.

People like them constantly pursued the Domain Realm. However, entering the Refinement Realm was already extremely difficult, not to mention reaching the Domain Realm. Those who did so were incredibly rare, even in Super Guilds.

The fact that these old monsters' evaluation had been so high spoke volumes about their high opinions of Wen Hua.

If the young man attempted to compare himself to Wen Hua, the difference between them was like the difference between heaven and earth. He simply could not hold a candle to her.

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As Yuan Tiexin finished speaking, Shi Feng walked into the reception room with Liang Jing.

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"I apologize that I've made you wait," Shi Feng said as he sat across from Yuan Tiexin. When he glanced at the man and woman beside Yuan Tiexin, he was momentarily surprised, though he did not reveal it.


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