Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Lucky Old Cat, 天运老猫

Chapter 2099 - Horrifying

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Chapter 2099 – Horrifying

Predicament “They’re dead?”

“Didn’t they say that Zero Wing’s members were only using items that increased their auras?”

When the various experts on the battlefield saw the corpses of Sword Demon and two Blackwater peak experts disintegrate into particles of light, their eyes nearly fell from their sockets in shock.

Both sides had been evenly matched and fought each other to a standstill earlier, yet something like this had happened within seconds…

No one had expected this outcome. Even Mu Cheng was speechless for a long moment

Even among Super Guilds, experts like Sword Demon were exceedingly rare. Trying to kill an expert with such high combat standards was nearly impossible without launching a large-scale operation and multiple Domain Realm experts.

This was also why the various superpowers had such huge headaches when dealing with the Four Shadow Demons.

Yet, Shi Feng had relied on his own strength to kill Shadow Demon. His combat power was truly horrific. Logically, no player should be capable of the feat

Moreover, Zero Wing had Alluring Summer and Shadow Sword, who had suddenly revealed their monster-level abilities. The fact that a Guild like Zero Wing had two monster-level experts surprising enough, yet two more had appeared from the Guild. With this strength, Zero Wing could rival ordinary superpowers.

To think Zero Wing has hidden so much power all this time! It’s no wonder why it dared to ignore Starlink and Blackwater’s threats. As Blindman looked at Shi Feng now, he felt as if he were meeting this Swordsman for the first time.

One monster-level expert in Zero Wing was enough to warrant the various superpowers’ attention, but with four, not even King’s Return could afford to underestimate the Guild.

Blindman finally realized why Deep Thunder had shown such strong support for Zero Wing, even willing to provoke Starlink and Blackwater.

Zero Wing was only as powerful as a first-rate Guild, lacking the resources and territory to nurture experts, yet despite that, it had successfully produced four monster-level experts. It was easy to imagine what strength the Guild would wield if it became a true super-first-rate Guild. Zero Wing would likely rise to the upper ranks the moment it became a superpower. It would become as powerful as Guilds like Miracle, and even the various Super Guilds would fear its wrath.

Miracle currently occupied two empires, and both were on different continents, the east and west continents. In other words, Miracle fought on two frontlines. Not even King’s Return had such power.

In contrast, Deep Thunder watched Zero Wing’s outstanding performance with elation.

We really made the right bet this time! Deep Thunder’s eyes glowed as he watched Alluring Summer and Shadow Sword fight in the distance.

He had thought Zero Wing only had two monster-level experts. Neither he nor Nature Hall as a whole had expected to find four of them in the Guild.

As far as ordinary major powers were concerned, monster-level experts simply had inhuman combat power. Even if these powers got lucky and produced one of their own, they’d only treat that expert like a weapon against their enemies. However, that would be an ignorant use of such a powerful player.

In reality, not only did monster-level experts pose a great threat to the various superpowers, but they also played a crucial role in obtaining powerful items. Based on the various superpowers’ research, one needed strength, as well as luck, to secure certain powerful tools.

As Guilds procured more powerful items, they’d grow stronger overall.

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One could say that monster-level experts were responsible for finding 70% of the powerful items the various superpowers had collected.


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