Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

Warm Color Su, 苏暖色

Chapter 1818 - Dine in the Siheyuan

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Chapter 1818: Dine in the Siheyuan

At the beginning, the owner of the restaurant also thought that they might not be able to eat all the dishes, but surprisingly they finished eating all of them. As a result, he realized that these three girls ate a lot more than ordinary people.

After having the meal, they went back to their dormitory. Baili Zongxue went to Gu Ning’s dorm room.

All the cabinets in the high-end dormitory were locked so that no one could steal anything.

Not every student who was accepted by a prestigious university had moral standards. If so, Gu Ning wouldn’t have been slandered again and again.

Students who were academically inclined might not have good manners.

For example, some senior officials and rich businessmen had received the best education, but they actually lived a much more promiscuous life than ordinary people. Only a few of them had a sense of justice.

Because the power crystals were stored in Gu Ning’s telepathic eye space, she needed to use the cabinet as cover in front of her friends.

Gu Ning took out two bottles with only one pill in each of them, so the bottle was only slightly bigger than a finger. It was convenient to carry around, but could also easily go missing. Therefore, they had to be careful.

Accordingly, Gu Ning reminded them to take good care of the bottle, and her two friends understood that it was quite precious. They naturally would be more careful.

In Song Miaoge’s eyes, it was a good medicine which could save one’s life at a key moment, while Baili Zongxue planned to use it to find out more about the magical power.

If she was able to get more pills made of pure magical power, it would be of great help for their cultivation.

Even though Gu Ning must have a lot of magical power since she could put it into this medicine, Baili Zongxue couldn’t ask too much about it. Gu Ning was very smart after all, and her real purpose might be exposed if she asked too many questions about it. Therefore, she decided to share this news with her older brother first. She wouldn’t do anything on her own right now.

With the power crystal, Baili Zongxue went back to her own dorm room, while Gu Ning and Song Miaoge had a nap.

After Baili Zongxue was in her own dorm room, she didn’t rush to have a nap, but opened the porcelain bottle and poured the pill out to have a look.

The second she opened the bottle, she smelt pure magical power and trembled in surprise.

This little amount of magical power wasn’t helpful for a cultivator, but it was able to cure superficial injuries. It had the same effect as the low level magical pills in the cultivation world.

Actually, it wasn’t easy to get a low level magical pill in the cultivation world.

Baili Zongxue observed the pill for a while, then discovered that it was made of pure magical power without any impurities, which made her think that it might be solidified magical power.

Baili Zongxue had never seen solidified magical power before, but it could exist in this world.

Anyway, she had to talk to her older brother about it.

Without hesitation, Baili Zongxue took out her phone and took a picture of the power crystal before sending Baili Zongyang a message.

Although she could directly give him a call, there were other girls in the dorm room, so she had to keep it a secret.

At this time, Baili Zongyang was dealing with files in the company. Hearing the new message sound, he picked up his phone and read the message.

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He was stunned once he saw the picture of the power crystal and Baili Zongxue’s message. To his surprise, there was a pill made of pure magical power and Gu Ning used it to produce makeup and skincare products, which was the reason why those products were so effective.

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