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Chapter 1607 - Her Grudge Against the Tang Family

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Chapter 1607: Her Grudge Against the Tang Family

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“Feel free to let me know if you need my help,” said Gu Ning.

“I will,” said Tang Qingyang. He wouldn’t hesitate to turn to Gu Ning for help if he encountered trouble when he was dealing with the Tang Organization. He knew that he was alone in the fight against the Tang family.

After hearing their conversation, Jiang Ruiqin was more sure that Gu Ning and Tang Qingyang must be working with each other on something.

They ran for another while, but neither Jiang Ruiqin nor Tang Qingyang could follow Gu Ning. They stopped later and Gu Ning continued to run ahead.

“Qingyang, is Gu Ning aware of what you’re doing about the Tang family?” asked Jiang Ruiqin.

Tang Qingyang remained silent for a while, then said, “I’m going to tell you something secret, and you can’t tell anyone else. Gu Ning is actually the person who caused the Tang family all this trouble.”

Jiang Ruiqin was Tang Qingyang’s close friend, so he was willing to share his secrets with him. Anyway, Jiang Ruiqin already knew many secrets about him, and it wasn’t a big deal if he learned more. Most importantly, he trusted Jiang Ruiqin.

“What?” Jiang Ruiqin rounded his eyes in shock and couldn’t believe his ears. To his astonishment, Gu Ning caused the Tang family a lot of trouble.

“Does she have any grudges against the Tang family, or is she simply helping you?” Jiang Ruiqin asked again.

“She has a long-standing grudge against the Tang family, because my older cousin, Tang Aining, was her private teacher. The Tang family caused Tang Aining’s death, so Gu Ning wants to take revenge for her teacher,” said Tang Qingyang.

Jiang Ruiqin had heard of Tang Aining from Tang Qingyang before, but he didn’t know much about her.

Although Tang Aining was born in a super-rich family, she seldom showed up in public, so other people thought Tang Yaxin was the only daughter of the Tang family.

“Tang Aining is Gu Ning’s private teacher?” Jiang Ruiqin was surprised again by Gu Ning’s relationship with Tang Aining. “What did Tang Aining do in the past?”

Since Tang Aining was Gu Ning’s private teacher, Tang Aining couldn’t be simple.

“She was the Tang family’s spy, and was trained to be a killer,” said Tang Qingyang.

Knowing that, Jiang Ruiqin was taken aback. If Tang Aining was trained to be a professional killer by the Tang family, the Tang family definitely wouldn’t expose her to the public.

It wasn’t strange that a big powerful family had killers and spies to serve it, so Jiang Ruiqin wasn’t surprised about it. However, to his astonishment, Tang Bingsen was a cruel father and trained his own daughter to be a killer and caused her death in the end. In that case, Jiang Ruiqin understood why Gu Ning was working with Tang Qingyang now.

“Well, do you want to unseat the Tang family together?” asked Jiang Ruiqin.

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“Yeah, Gu Ning wants to help me take over the chairman’s position,” said Tang Qingyang.

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