Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

Xiǎo jiàozhǔ, 小教主

Chapter 1698 - Tenshou’s Warriors

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Chapter 1698: Tenshou’s Warriors

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


In a flash, Chen Xiaobei and Ao Liancheng were transferred to one of the planets on the border of Apocalypse Starfield. As for Lin Qingfeng, she traveled back to her Divine Dragon Starfield. Since she had just lost the bet between her and Chen Xiaobei, she went back to her starfield to use her connections to help him look for the items that were on his list.

Though Ao Liancheng did not want Chen Xiaobei to travel to Apocalypse Starfield to risk his life, Chen Xiaobei insisted to do so. Out of loyalty, Ao Liancheng had decided to go with Chen Xiaobei.

“This place… It doesn’t look like the capital city of a planet!”

After exiting the portal, Chen Xiaobei took his time to check out his surroundings. The city looked like one of those grand ancient cities in China. When compared to capital cities from other planets, this capital city had no wall surrounding it, making it looked like it was endless.

“Of course it’s different! This Black Tortoise Royal City’s size is equivalent to the size of a giant planet! At least five billion people are staying here!” said Ao Liancheng.

“What?! The size of this city is similar to a large planet?! And five billion people are staying here?! How big is this planet?!” asked Chen Xiaobei.

“In Apocalypse Starfield, there are no planets! There are only four pieces of huge land! Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Crimson Phoenix, and Black Tortoise! Right now, we are in the land of Black Tortoise! The size of this land is 30,000 times larger than Neptune Starfield!”

“A huge land from another world?”

Immediately, Chen Xiaobei thought of the endless lands that he had read from fictitious online novels.

“What do you mean by land? I don’t understand what you mean…”

“The existence of these four pieces of land is the law of a planet’s arrangement in space! The smaller the planet, the outer it would be placed in the space! Usually, we call that a low-tier starfield! As for medium-large planets, they would be placed in the upper-middle area of a starfield! Apocalypse Starfield is rather unique here because it connects a normal starfield with the Earth God Realm! Do you know that the Earth God Realm is formed up by four big pieces of land as well? Also, the Earth God Realm is located on the top of the space! Any four lands from Earth God Realm are at least 100,000 times larger than Black Tortoise Land!”

Even with his Scholar Heart, Chen Xiaobei still found it really hard to grasp the whole concept. The size of Black Tortoise Land was equivalent to 30,000 capital planets of Neptune Starfield and the population of Black Tortoise Land was a whopping 30 trillion! Any land in the Earth God Realm was at least 100,000 bigger than the Black Tortoise Land. If that was the case, then population on a single piece of land in the Earth God Realm would be three million trillion! That would also mean that the total population of four lands combined would be 12 million trillion!

“Oh my god… That is insane…”

This time, even Chen Xiaobei was shocked to his core.

“This is really nothing! You have to know that the Earth God Realm is a completely different world! Take some time to adapt to it and you will start thinking that this is all normal!”

“Okay… Let’s move… Considering that the Black Tortoise Land is so huge, do you think that I can get to the legendary ten thousand mountains in one month?”

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“You can go anywhere you like as long as you have Spiritual Stones with you! Follow me!”


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