Reborn Girl’s New Life

Tian Can Xue Ling Zhi, 天蚕雪灵芝

Chapter 506 - Cheap Perfume

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Chapter 506 Cheap Perfume

The face of Xue Tao’s parents had never been good.

Since Song Yunying entered the operating room, they had always wanted to leave but did not dare show it.

Song Yunxuan and Chu Mochen waited outside the operating room.

Ye Meiqi had never been a grandmother. Although Song Yunying was not her daughter, she was still a family to her.

When she was waiting, she turned her head from time to time to observe Xue Tao’s parents.

She said with some concern, “Let’s not keep Childe Chu. He might have to do some work.”

Song Yunxuan heard Ye Meiqi and agreed.

She whispered to Chu Mochen, “Are you occupied with something else?”

“No.” Chu Mochen seemed to be able to read her minds, knowing what she would say next, “Are you trying to drive me away?”

“No,” Song Yunxuan pursed her lips, “I am glad that you are here with me.”

But It was inappropriate for a male outsider to wait long here for such things.

Just in time, Chu Mochen’s mobile phone rang, which gave him a perfect excuse to leave, “It is inappropriate for me to be here. There will be a meeting at the company. I’d better go now.”

Song Yunxuan nodded, “Go ahead.”

“Call me if you need anything.”

“I will.” Song Yunxuan nodded.

When Chu Mochen was leaving, he swept her into his arms and gently pressed a kiss on her forehead.

Seeing their affection, Xue Tao’s parents felt wary of them.

Originally, the Xue Family was not afraid of the Song Family, but now the Song Family got the Chu Family behind its back.

For such a big family as the Chu Family, the Xue Family dare not provoke it. They couldn’t afford to offend them.

After Chu Mochen left, Song Yunxuan asked Xue Tao’s father, “Mr. Xue, why is my brother-in-law not here?”

Xue Tao’s father looked embarrassed.

He looked at his wife next to him at a loss.

Xue Tao’s mother received this signal and immediately answered with a smile, “He’s probably on his way. He’ll be here soon.”

Song Yunxuan’s voice was cold, “It’s his wife and child. Why is it so difficult for him to show up? Has he had a fight with my sister recently?”

Hearing Song Yunxuan, Xue Tao’s mother denied quickly, “No, that’s not true. During Yunying’s pregnancy, our whole family regarded her as a queen. How could Tao have a fight with her? There was absolutely no such thing.”

“Mrs. Xue, please do me a favor. Urge him again. The child is about to be born. If the father is not here waiting for the birth, how improper it is?”

She didn’t care about the relationship between Song Yunying and Xue Tao, but she wouldn’t allow such a scandal to get out.

Song Yunying planned to manage the Xue Family in the future. If everybody had known that they were not a happy couple at this time, it would have been troublesome to hand over the Xue Family to her.

Xue Tao’s mother was urged to find Xue Tao. She had to call him again.

Xue Tao’s cell phone got through this time.

However, as soon as it was connected, the sound coming through the line was so noisy that it almost deafened her ears.

Xue Tao’s mother’s look became even worse.

Xue Tao’s father saw her look. He twisted his eyebrows and took the phone to his ear.

He could guess where his son was at the moment he heard the sound on the phone.

It was a mix of the deafening music, the soft female voices persuading men to drink, and the voices of men talking nasty things.

Xue Tao’s father scowled.

Xue Tao’s voice came through the line, “What’s up?”

“What’s up?” Xue Tao’s father asked back, “What are you doing? Yunying was about to give birth. Get your ass over here.”

“Calm down. Isn’t it just a second for a woman to have a baby? What’s all the fuss about? Besides, that bit…”

Before he could finish this word,

Song Yunxuan took the phone from Xue Tao’s father, “Mr. Xue, he’s not going to come, is he? Let me talk to him.”

Her voice was indifferent.

However, Xue Tao’s father got a little stiff.

Song Yunxuan took the phone. When she heard the loud music and the messy voice, she couldn’t help but sneer.

Her sneer shuddered Xue Tao’s parents.


Hearing Song Yunxuan’s voice, Xue Tao, who had been befuddled with wine, sobered up immediately.

“Song Yunxuan?”

“It seemed that you haven’t been drunk yet. I had thought you might not be able to recognize my voice.”

She pursed her lips and smiled.

His parents, who were watching her smile, were wet for all the sweating.

Xue Tao also felt bad. He felt bugged when he heard Song Yunxuan’s voice. Associating his father’s previous call, he realized that it must be Song Yunxuan that wanted to get his ass moved from the bar to the hospital.

The sexy barmaids were all leaning on him.

However, Song Yunxuan’s voice was like a knife pinched to his neck, making him uneasy.

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He didn’t want to leave, but Song Yunying was giving birth in the hospital.

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