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Chapter 726 - The Cause of Princess Shuanglan's Death

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Chapter 726 The Cause of Princess Shuanglan’s Death

The horse carriage continued to move slowly and it was very quiet inside. Bai Yihao reclined in the seat in a comfortable manner. His eyes were as bright as stars and he had a faint smile on his face. He expertly took out a pot of tea from a hidden compartment beside him with his slender fingers. Then he fetched two teacups from under the table before he picked up the teapot, poured a cup of tea, and handed it to Mo Xuetong.

After that, he poured another cup for himself and turned to look at Mo Xuetong’s red and swollen face. A hint of gloom flashed in his eyes, but it immediately turned into a warm smile. Taking out a jade-white porcelain bottle from his arms, he asked with a smile, “Do you want me to apply medicine for you?”

“No!” Mo Xuetong refused lightly.

“All right!” Bai Yihao did not make things difficult for her. He pushed the porcelain bottle in front of her and said, “Then you apply some medicine on yourself later, or ask Qing Zhu to do it for you. Your wound would be healed when you wake up after some sleep.”

Mo Xuetong nodded and accepted the porcelain bottle without any resistance. No matter what, the moment she regained consciousness, she had already thought through everything with her eyes closed. The only person who could persuade Princess Royal was Bai Yihao, her nephew. They were on the way to the Yan Kingdom. In a foreign place and in the face of a man like Bai Yihao, she had to be in top shape for what came next.

“When can I go back?” She did not think that her thought could escape from the eyes of a smart man like Bai Yihao. As such, she went straight to the point. It was no use playing tricks in front of him.

“You are my fiancee. Why do you want to go back?” Bai Yihao stated leisurely, picked up the teacup in front of him and took a sip. Then he caressed his brows to alleviate the tiredness and heaved a long sigh of relief before he leaned back comfortably.

No matter what he did, the handsome young man in snow-white clothes was pleasing to the eye. As he gave a gentle smile, he was exceedingly charming!

However, Mo Xuetong would never be able to guess what the person opposite was thinking, so she would never conceitedly think that Bai Yihao really cared about her. She asked directly, “What do you want me to do to let me go?”

Whatever Bai Yihao’s purpose was to capture her, she would have preferred to know it.

“Didn’t you call me cousin just now? Why don’t you call me that anymore when you’re facing me?” Bai Yihao frowned, as if he was very confused, and asked gently as his affectionate gaze landed on Mo Xuetong.

He was referring to the fact that Mo Xuetong called his cousin in front of Qing Zhu just now in order to show her that she could rely on him.

“You are my cousin, so whether I call you that or not, it’s impossible that you’re not my cousin,” Mo Xuetong replied lightly.

What she said was the truth. No matter what, part of the blood in the two’s veins was the same, and it could not be changed by any scheme.

“My mother has been engaged to you for me, but I have never seen you before. Now that Third Aunt was unwilling to get involved in this kind of thing, I thought she didn’t want you to get involved in it either. Thus, I didn’t take it too seriously and didn’t even take the initiative to find you. My mother said that you can marry someone else if I don’t marry you when you turn 15 years old.” Bai Yihao seemed to be explaining. He turned his head and looked out of the window. The cloud satin fluttered and flickered, which made him look like an unparalleled, handsome immortal from heaven.

His eyes looked brighter than usual, and he uttered in a very low voice.

Mo Xuetong remained silent for a while. Then, she also turned her head to look out of the window and asked lightly, “Then why did you still take me away by force?”

In all her past life, she had never seen Bai Yihao. She had never thought that the cold-blooded Emperor would have such a relationship with her. Probably no one had taken the engagement seriously. Anyway, it was just a contract between the sisters—Bai Yihao’s mother and her mother.

When the contract expired and she was not helpful to Bai Yihao, the engagement was automatically broken off. And she didn’t even need to know it!

The whole affair concerned her marriage, but she was the one who had the least say!

Mo Xuetong thought of the pain of burning in the fire in her past life, and her heart was filled with resentment and anger.

“Tong’er, you are in breach of contract!” Bai Yihao remarked seriously.

Immediately, anger burned in Mo Xuetong’s eyes. She bit her lips but could not suppress the anger in her heart. Then she turned around, glared at him, and snapped coldly, “What’s the point of talking about this matter now? This engagement is a non-essential agreement. No one will really take it seriously. I can marry someone else after I turn 15 years old. Bai Yihao, don’t you think it’s too hypocritical?”

Whatever it was that made Princess Shuanglan and her mother make this engagement for her and Bai Yihao, Mo Xuetong felt that it was a joke from beginning to end. She thought of her past life. If someone paid a little attention to her, how would she end up like that? Given Bai Yihao’s strength, it would be easy for him to help her if he wanted to.

However, what was the end?

She still had no idea about this matter when she was about to die!

She didn’t know anything and didn’t understand anything. She was so sad that she broke off her feelings and helplessly set fire to herself. When she was framed, where was he? When she was disfigured, where was he? When she married into Sima Manor, where was he? And when the fire burned her skin and she was wailing in despair, where was he?

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Her heart hurt so much that she could hardly breathe! Her eyes were slightly red and moist. She didn’t ask him to treat her as his fiancee. At least they were relatives—even close relatives, but he didn’t even help her.

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