Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around!


Chapter 1245 - Not an Ordinary Female Soldier

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Chapter 1245: Not an Ordinary Female Soldier

“Hello, I’m Ye Jian.” Ye Jian smiled and reached out her hand. After briefly introducing herself, she fastened her backpack and swam towards the shore.

In less than ten minutes of combat, her stamina had been depleted as though she had run for a few hours with a heavy load, and even her breathing was a little unsteady. On the other hand, the frogman called “Big Whale” beside her was breathing steadily. Although she had landed two strikes, she would definitely lose in a long fight.

Ye Jian narrowed her eyes which were full of interest. Captain Xia was right. She could learn a lot from Demon King Li. Even if it was less than two months, she would benefit a lot!

When the salty and wet sea breeze blew at Ye Jian when she reached the shore, she didn’t feel cold. Instead, she felt comfortable.

The feeling of stepping on solid ground and no longer being surrounded by water was too good!

Big Whale, who was used to bringing up the rear, pointed to the front of the dark reef and said with a smile, “The camp is in front, and the conditions aren’t too good. Please be understanding when you see it later.”

He was being quite polite. Was it because she was a female soldier?

“Would you say this to other recruits too?” Ye Jian smiled and asked. Her military boots stepped on the sand. It felt soft and comfortable. “Or is it because I’m a female soldier?”

She had a murderous aura around her, her movements were aggressive, and she could react quickly in the water. She was able to catch the enemy off-guard. Such a female soldier will not be a nobody even if she was a female soldier!

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Big Whale bent down and picked up the training uniform that he had taken off before entering the water. He laughed and said, “No, no. It’s true that you’re a female soldier, but you’re definitely not an ordinary female soldier. I’ve already seen it for myself just now.”

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