Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being


Chapter 540 - End of Alchemy Assessment

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Ch540 – End of Alchemy Assessment

Mr. Lan couldn’t help laughing and said, “I didn’t bully people. I just wanted to see if there are disciples who dare to speak out and challenge authority. I didn’t expect that there actually is one. This year’s students are really interesting, especially this little disciple.”

Huarong Sword Immortal glanced lightly at Mr. Lan. “I am not an alchemist, so I don’t know the principles and pursuits of your alchemy, but from my personal point of view, among all the pills refined by all the disciples here, I’m afraid that the only pill that will have some effect for me after taking it is that disciple’s pill below.”

Mr. Lan was taken aback for a moment.

Huarong Sword Immortal continued, “Alchemy was never the pursuit of quantity, but quality. This situation can perhaps be considered as placing the unimportant before the important.”

These words were a bit severe.

Mr. Li frowned slightly, thinking, Huarong Sword Immortal is usually very polite, so why did he suddenly change his temper today, as if he wanted to make trouble with us on purpose? Of course, it’s impossible for him to make trouble with us on purpose. Huarong Sword Immortal is not that kind of person.

However, Mr. Li would never have guessed that not only was Huarong Sword Immortal precisely that kind of person, but he was also very overprotective, petty, and good at holding grudges.

Of course, the premise was that people provoked the one person they shouldn’t have.

However, Mr. Lan began to laugh, he stood up and said, “Huarong Sword Immortal misunderstood. The evaluation we gave just now was nothing more than the examinee’s score based on the basic rules and principles of the sect. But for Pill Limit Hall, this disciple is a rare good seedling.”

What does that mean?

How come even Pill Limit Hall is involved now?

One should know that in Myriad Dao Academy, the three halls were akin to separate worlds independent of the academy’s jurisdiction.

The academy was the academy, and the three halls were the three halls. Although they exchanged talents from time to time, if you wanted to enter the three halls, you would have to be a genius among geniuses.

Very few talents would be able to become involved with the three halls immediately upon entering the sect.

Seven years ago, Huarong Sword Immortal entered directly into the inner hall of Sword God Hall. Could it be that there would be another Gu Tiantian today who’d be the same? The atmosphere held an unspeakable solemnity for a while.

Huarong Sword Immortal said, “You mean that you want him to be an inner disciple of the hall.”

Mr. Lan rubbed his face and said happily, “Of course, that’s what I mean. I’m so incredible, so I should have had an apprentice to inherit the mantle a long time ago. But I couldn’t find a suitable person even after searching high and low. I didn’t expect that a boy would break in this time. Say, would you like to follow and study under me?”

A big pie fell from the sky and immediately smashed Yan Tianhen and made him confused.

What? Didn’t he have a bad attitude towards me just now, and the expression on his face still seemed like he wanted to settle accounts with me? How could he change his mind in the blink of an eye?

Yan Tianhen first looked at Huarong Sword Immortal, only to see him nod slightly, and then calmly said, “Of course I am willing.”

“Good, you will be my core disciple from now on.” Mr. Lan laughed twice and slapped the table in front of him.

Mr. Cai sighed. “Don’t tell me that you don’t know what kind of person he is?”

Mr. Li shook his head. “I shouldn’t have had even the slightest hope for his morality.”

What kind of godly turning point is this?

The students below could no longer understand.

Not to mention the students below, not even Yan Tianhen himself, the person involved in all this, could understand this development routine.

At that time, none of the four gentlemen Cai, Lan, Dong, Li gave an explanation on the spot, and no one dared to challenge authority like Yan Tianhen, but after a while, Lan Luoying still gave a reasonable answer in order to block everyone’s mouth — “It is easy to refine pills, but it is difficult to create pills.”

Yan Tianhen was probably the only disciple who had been able to create his own pill formula and have a 100% success rate in the past century. Ultimately, the Pill Limit Hall was still different from Myriad Dao Academy.

The purpose of Pill Limit Hall was purely alchemy, alchemy, and more alchemy. No matter how the outside world commented or how the world was overturned, it had nothing to do with Pill Limit Hall.

There was no doubt that Yan Tianhen was completely in line with the purpose of Pill Limit Hall.

However, having said that, the scene shifted back to the examination field.

After Mr. Lan seized the opportunity, he was in a good mood, so he looked at Yan Tianhen and said, “Since you have become my core disciple, you naturally need to see people with your true face.”

Yan Tianhen knew that his disguise hadn’t fooled these Myriad Dao Academy’s expert eyes.

It’s just that in front of everyone, Mr. Lan really didn’t leave him any room.

Yan Tianhen laughed, took out a bottle of liquid medicine, dipped some liquid medicine in his hand, lowered his head and wiped it on his face, then deftly took off the disguise in public.

When he raised his head again, a face that originally looked ordinary, suddenly seemed to be lit up, vivid and colorful.

A little gorgeous, with a little smile in the corners of the eyes, and people couldn’t help but feel closer to him.

When the second ranked disciple saw Yan Tianhen’s real face, he immediately took a cold breath, pointed at him, and said, “Prince Ye.”

The scene was chaotic for a time.

The present disciples had long heard that the second successor of the Qianyuan Dynasty was going to take Myriad Dao Academy’s examination this year. But they were looking forward to seeing Yan Tianhen himself. They didn’t know where the news came from but they said that Little Prince Ye escaped because he was afraid of being humiliated.

It now seemed that instead of fleeing the battle, he had mixed up among the candidates with a false identity, and even astounded everyone with his words.

Yan Tianhen had long grown accustomed to being stared at by onlookers. At this time, under all kinds of gazes, he leisurely bowed to them and said, “Student Yan Tianhen, greets the gentlemen.”

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Mr. Dong and Mr. Cai looked at each other, obviously still in a faint shock.

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