Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being


Chapter 539 - Astound the World

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Chapter 539 – Astound the World

Yan Tianhen said, “Naturally, I have to question it. If you can give me a reasonable explanation and convince me, that’s okay. But I can’t accept such a vague and unexpected score.”

This was a far cry from his expectations.

Mr. Li nodded with some satisfaction. He felt that the child was quite right with his taste. After all, he had always liked people with their own principles and persistence. Such people were easier to become successful talents.

Unexpectedly, Yan Tianhen slapped him on the face next.

“After all, my father is always paying close attention to my achievements and movements. If you let him know that his glorious son’s Alchemy level just barely reached the edge of passing, I’m afraid he will rush to beat me in a rage.” Yan Tianhen said very sadly. “Then I’ll be too miserable.”

Mr Li, “…”

Mr. Li frowned at the corners of his mouth.

Meanwhile, there was laughter all around.

Mr. Dong relaxed before saying, “This examinee, do you know why we gave you such a low score?”

Yan Tianhen replied, “I would like to hear more about it.”

Mr. Dong said, “First of all, the basic spiritual plants you used to refine the pill medicine were too expensive and rare to find. Most people will never get their hands on these spiritual plants all their lives, and the purpose of Myriad Dao Academy is to help the common people. What you think and do is contrary to the sect principle. Second, this spiritual plant is at least a high-grade spiritual plant, and the appearance itself is good, so the refined medicine pills are all top-grade, and there is not too much reference for us to judge your abilities. Thirdly, even if this pill formula was made by you, it does not have much practical utility. If I guessed correctly, this medicinal pill should be used for beauty, and it doesn’t make much sense in cultivation. It’s hard to avoid being flashy and grandstanding. For the former, we deducted fifteen points, and for the latter, we also deducted fifteen points, plus two points for your alchemy techniques and levels.”

After hearing this, Yan Tianhen couldn’t help but laugh.

I see. I didn’t expect that all I did was refine a pill, but it was actually contrary to the tenet and pursuit of the sect.

Although Yan Tianhen smiled, his heart was not very happy.

If he was unhappy, he would stop at nothing to embarrass others.

Yan Tianhen said, “I can afford to use this kind of spiritual plant now, and naturally, I can afford to use it in the future. When we choose spiritual plants, don’t we want to choose the ones with good quality and high grade? Is it my fault to abandon bad spiritual plants because I can afford good spiritual plants? Yes, most people can’t afford it, because they don’t have the money and no one helps them find it, but I have money. I am unconvinced that you can speculate my alchemy level based on this.”

While no one reacted, Yan Tianhen took advantage to continue, “Secondly, you said that the purpose of Myriad Dao Academy is to help the common people, but everyone has different definitions for the common people.”

“Who does the ‘common people’ refer to? All the good and bad people or all the demonic and human cultivators? You want to help all those who can’t afford my refined medicinal pills. They are your ‘common people’, but my ‘common people’ doesn’t merely include a single family or individual.”

“I practice alchemy for those powerhouses that can help the common people. If all the alchemists are thinking about how to make affordable medicinal pills for everyone and only refine pills with average quality, all kinds of side effects, and no special distinctiveness, I’m afraid that it will not be long before those powerhouses who can truly help the world die out.”

Yan Tianhen’s idea was very different and unique that when he finished, the whole alchemy field was in an uproar.

This sect wasn’t involved in secular matters, but it did not mean that the students here would not go down the mountain and join the real world after a few years.

However, many of them were children now, and were too ashamed to show their pursuit of power and money inside the sect. Therefore, they naturally felt a complex mood towards this man who dared to speak frankly in broad daylight about serving power and money. Their eyes were somewhat despising and contemptuous.

Such a person was different from the principles of the sect.

Such a person astounded the world.

Such a person, once released from the sect, would be a careerist.

Mr. Lan stared at Yan Tianhen with his eyes narrowed. After a moment, he asked, “How do you deal with medicinal pills below top-grade in your daily life?”

Yan Tianhen lightly answered, “The high-grade ones are left for use, and those below high-grade are all destroyed. Never give them the possibility to flow out.”

It was unknown who gasped.

There were many voices in the crowd calling him “wasteful.”

If it was true, as Yan Tianhen said, that the medicinal pills he refined would all be similar to the quality of his Ice Muscle Snow Bone Pill, then even those inferior medicinal pills he made would still be fought over by buyers if sold.

After all, no matter how bad the pills were, the basic materials were still there. After taking them, the advantages would outweigh the disadvantages.

How many people couldn’t even beg for a pill? But he just threw it all away.

How could this not make people sigh?

Shi Bai also couldn’t help but say, “You would rather waste it like this than give it to a poor family. You are too selfish!”

Yan Tianhen swept his eyes over at the thin-looking youth with red lips and white teeth. “Being selfish is better than disregarding human life.”

Shi Bai blanched. “Who are you saying is disregarding human life?”

Yan Tianhen replied, “To tell you the truth, I don’t like any of the medicinal pills you refined. Since the medicinal pill you refined is a Primordial Qi Pill, the effect is naturally to quickly gather the remaining primordial Qi in the tendons. That one top-grade medicinal pill is fine; it can quickly stimulate the primordial Qi and condense it. However, because the spiritual plants you used are only high-grade spiritual plants and not top-grade, there is a limit to the amount of primordial Qi that can be stimulated. It is impossible to stimulate all of the primordial Qi in the body.”

And those high-grade and mid-grade medicinal pills would probably take longer and condense even less primordial Qi.

“When you take this kind of pill, you’re most likely at a critical moment and urgently need it for that one-in-a-million chance to save your life. Even the slightest error will have consequences a mile wide. The smallest difference in the time between pills of various qualities may even take your life.”

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There was another uproar.

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