Rebirth of the Supreme Celestial Being


Chapter 538 - Pill Assessment

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Chapter 538 – Pill Assessment

It was very courageous and very fearless too.

In particular, there were thirty-two disciples of the Yan family present, as well as a thousand disciples of the other eight Divine Clans.

Yan Tianhen felt that the question they actually wanted to ask was:

“Do you think that the monarchy is reasonable?”

Yan Tianhen couldn’t help but laugh. It would be ridiculous if Myriad Dao Academy was serious.

However, the Myriad Dao Academy was not absurd to this extent, so they could only test the minds of these examinees in this indirect way. On this basis, it gave a further peek into the future evolution of the Nine Lands.

Therefore, Yan Tianhen wrote the words “rule by the strong” and then explained: Change means blood, and the dynasty has yet to reach the end of its road, so change is not necessary. If you want to reduce the number of corpses, it is better to remain unchanged.

When the bell rang and the exam was over, Yan Tianhen wrote the false name Gu Tiantian in the seal and then the courtyard and division he wanted to enter. Afterwards, he handed in the examination paper.

Instead of waiting around, Yan Tianhen calmly got up and walked towards the dormitory.

On the way, he heard someone say, “The last question is really a trick question. I really don’t know what those people in the Royal Heavenly Capital would think if they knew this year’s exam questions.”

“In any case, I dared not write any objections. Who knows if Myriad Dao Academy and the Yan family are actually the same people?”

“Shh, don’t talk about the Purple Emperor’s Heavenly Capital. I’m sure their eyes and ears are everywhere.”

Yan Tianhen, however, felt that this kind of thing really didn’t matter. In any case, there were countless people who had cursed the Yan family over the years. Every Divine Clan probably harbored some treasonous intent, and similarly, the Yan family’s reign wouldn’t necessarily be as eternal as the purple moon that watched over the Royal Heavenly Capital. However, up until now, the legendary first heir of the Qianyuan Dynasty appointed by heaven still hadn’t appeared.

Others didn’t know, but Yan Tianhen’s heart was clear. This was the most important matter that the Emperor of the Yan family cared about now.

However, this had nothing to do with him.

After three days, the results came out. Candidates who passed the written test would have to go to the next round of examination after five days. Those who failed would go back to their homes on the same day, or leave the next day at the latest.

Some people laughed, some people cried, some people were happy, and some people were sad. It was the same year after year.

What Yan Tianhen didn’t expect was that the person with the highest score turned out to be his roommate, Yin Changge.

Yin Changge smiled shyly. “There are more than 6,000 people present, and there are always people who can answer some questions. If I just expend some effort and will to read their hearts, it’ll be solved.”

Serious respect.

What Yan Tianhen used was his own.

He remembered that his pill furnace was called “Chanchan,” but for the life of him, he couldn’t remember who gave it to him.

He knew that there was a part of his memory missing, but he couldn’t remember what happened to that part of the memory that was obliterated for some inexplicable reason.

Yan Tianhen did not refine a high-level medicinal pill whose names would give away their rarity, but refined his own “Ice Muscle Snow Bone Pill.”

For a time, You Ming, who was extremely vain, complained that his skin was not very good and that the corners of his eyes seemed to have wrinkles. Yan Tianhen couldn’t take it, so he had to use all kinds of expensive spiritual herbs to refine a youth medicinal pill, which could make his skin smoother and more delicate.

After You Ming’s personal test, he felt that the effects were good, so he took one pill every day for half a year. Unexpectedly, the secret poison that had accumulated for many years in his body was completely discharged.

Yan Tianhen’s alchemist hands were very stable, and he had also mastered control of the fire very well.

As he was engaged in his refinement, he devoted himself to an extremely high concentration. His serious appearance made people think that he was looking at his sweetheart.

Above the high platform in the distance, a row of alchemists were here to watch these candidates refine in person.

Alchemists should have a pill fire in their bodies, and their spiritual roots must be related to wood, fire, or water. If it was gold or earth, their rate of success in alchemy would be extremely low.

Therefore, the disciples in alchemy were always as few as the disciples in the crafting path.

There were only 200 students who wanted to be admitted to the alchemy path this year, which was already a lot. Seven years ago, there were only 160 students who came to the alchemy path, and the numbers for the earlier years were also similar.

Yan Tianhen was particularly prominent among the alchemists.

Because all the spiritual herbs he used were extremely mild and harmless, a rare sight in refinement.

“What medicinal pill is he refining?” Mr. Li looked at Yan Tianhen’s technique, slightly puzzled.

Among them, there were four masters who were very good in alchemy, and they were called “Cai Lan Dong Li.” Among them, Mr. Dong and Mr. Li were specialized in teaching the principles and practical application of alchemy. Mr. Lan, who had a perceptive eye, taught the identification and planting of spiritual plants, while Mr. Cai taught about mutual interaction between different herbs and pharmacological knowledge.

Of course, the four gentlemen in the “Cai Lan Dong Li” were all people who carried the name of alchemy on their backs. Any one of these people was enough to cause forces from the Nine Lands to scramble to win him over like a hot pastry. Their alchemy attainments were already so extraordinary that it was hard to guess the true extent of their abilities.

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After Mr. Li finished speaking, Mr. Lan tapped on the desktop and said, “Bring me this boy’s name card. He is refining a medicinal pill of his own creation. At least I have never seen this kind of pill before.”

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