Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor

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Chapter 1754 - Encampment (1)

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Chapter 1754: Encampment (1)

Purple blood splattered all over Ye Qingtang, dyeing her clothes a dark purple. Right before the blood covered her, she saw a long, slender figure…

It was an eerily handsome man. He watched coldly and impassively as the fiendish demon’s blood splashed all over.

How could there be humans here?

Ye Qingtang was astounded.

But before Ye Qingtang could understand how this man managed to appear in front of her, she saw him bite into one of the dead fiendish demon’s arms. Between those handsome lips were teeth as sharp as a demon’s.

The fiendish demon’s arm was chewed into mush before the man swallowed it.

He was a fiendish demon!

Staring at the “man” who was still chewing on the fiendish demon’s arm, Ye Qingtang suddenly came to a realization. This man standing before her was no human. He was just a fiendish demon wearing a human’s skin…

Following the fiendish demon’s death, the oppressive aura that Ye Qingtang had felt also faded. She was finally able to stand up but her heart was pounding hard.

The fiendish demon she had faced earlier was very powerful, and this newcomer was even more so. He continued to chew on the dead demon’s flesh, all the while keeping an impassive expression.

Ye Qingtang had just jumped from a boiling pot right into the fire. She did not feel relieved at all.

The fiendish demon in human skin detected Ye Qingtang’s gaze. He frowned slightly and cast a disdainful glance in her direction. Although that glance was full of scorn and disdain, it didn’t possess any intention to kill.

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Ye Qingtang couldn’t help feeling very puzzled. But she didn’t dare to make any false moves.

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