Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 93 - Moving Out (2)

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Chapter 93: Moving Out (2)

Chen Goudan was stunned. He had not realized that it would be so easy. But he maintained his pose of being pitiful and long-suffering, and thanked Wang Mingtao!

“Thank you, Brigade Leader! Thank you…”

Wang Mingtao glanced at Chen Dagui. “Chen Dagui, your wife has asked the two children to get lost. What about you? Do you agree?”

Of course, he agreed!

Chen Dagui had long wanted to get rid of these two freeloaders. How much food did it take for his household to support these two children?

He said without hesitation, “He himself wanted to leave. He’s a heartless beast. The faster he goes, the better!”

Wang Mingtao nodded. “Alright, then you can move out! Goudan is thirteen and he’ll be fourteen after the new year comes. He’s old enough to be independent. Give the two children thirty kilograms of grain. Goudan’s father’s old house will belong to them. Also…”

“What?” Wang Qiuhua leapt up before Wang Mingtao could finish his sentence. “We have no food in our house. These two brats have freeloaded for so long, and now they dare to ask for food when they’re leaving? We’re almost out of food. We have no food!”

Wang Mingtao looked exasperated. “If you don’t give them food, then you can bring out everything you took from Ergui’s house. You took their parents’ things and now you want to force the children out? Wang Qiuhua, let me tell you, if you continue to make trouble, I will throw you out of the brigade.”

Wang Qiuhua was so frightened she dared not speak.

Chen Dagui was unwilling to give anything. He said, “Brigade leader, it’s not that my wife is unwilling to give them food, but we really have nothing left in the house. We ourselves are almost out of food, what do we have to give them?”

Chen Goudan kept quiet. He was not so stupid as to refuse everything.

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His father had been a hardworking man. While he was still alive, his household had done fairly well. The year his father died, the brigade had not yet distributed the food. In the end, the food was given to their grandmother, because she had taken them in.

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