Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 89 - A Terrible Ruckus And Chaos!

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Chapter 89: A Terrible Ruckus And Chaos!

Chen Goudan had run wild since he was young, and was used to being independent. He was also smarter than average, so along the way, he thought out his plan before returning home with his younger sister.

When they got home, his eldest uncle and the entire Chen family were waiting for them.

Chen Honghua had already told her parents what had happened at the reservoir that day, how Chen Goudan had given all the fish and prawns he had caught to someone else. And it was meat too!

The brigade seldom had a chance like this all year, and he had actually given it to someone else.

He ate the food at home, but gave his meat to someone else. Such disloyalty must be punished.

On one hand, Chen Honghua’s heart ached over the fish and prawns. On the other hand, she detested Gu Qingyao. She was jealous of how well Mo Beihan treated Gu Qingyao. Now that Chen Goudan was becoming friendly with Gu Qingyao, she certainly would not let it pass!

So the moment Chen Goudan and his little sister reached home, they faced a vicious beating.

His eldest uncle, Chen Dagui, was especially brutal. He held a branch in his hand and used it to whip Chen Goudan.

“How dare you? You actually gave food to an outsider? You eat and drink in my household, but you dared to be disloyal? I’ll beat you to death!”

Frightened, Chen Goudan shielded his little sister in his arms. This was not the first time he was being beaten, but he hoped… it would be the last time!

The branch descended on his flesh, leaving a burning pain!


An earth-shattering shriek caused Chen Dagui to jump in fright.

“Beast, why are you shouting? Are you trying to scare me to death?”

Chen Dagui was truly angry and he beat Chen Goudan even more viciously!

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“Ah Ah…”

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