Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 70 - Deal (2)

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Chapter 70: Deal (2)

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Without looking for anyone else, she sought out the mother and son duo she had spoken to earlier. She found them waiting impatiently in a corner of the alley.

Gu Qingyao walked over. “Elder Sister, I have ten kilograms of fine white flour, five kilograms of rice, more than thirty eggs, and also fifteen kilograms of cornflour. How much do you want?

“I also have five kilograms of pork and a pair of pork knuckles.”

The old lady and her son almost cried with joy. They badly needed these items.

“We’ll take them all, we’ll take them all! My daughter-in-law is doing her confinement now. We did not manage to get good food while she was pregnant and now she has no milk. The baby is crying with hunger, waiting for these things.”

Fifteen kilograms of fine grain was seventy-five dollars. Gu Qingyao estimated the eggs to weigh five kilograms, so that was twenty-five dollars. At that time, cornflour was considered to be coarse grain and worth four dollars a kilogram, so that was sixty dollars. Pork was the most expensive at twelve dollars a kilogram. Together with the pig trotters, they weighed six and a half kilograms in total, which cost seventy-eight dollars. Altogether, it would be two hundred and thirty-eight dollars.

The old lady was clearly pained at the vast expense. But she had no choice but to buy it. Because next time, these items might be unavailable even if she had the money.

In these times, food was the most valuable.

However, the old lady wanted to keep some cash for emergencies. Their family only had about two hundred dollars in total. If they spent it all, what would they do if they needed money in the future?

“Sis-sister, can I use some items to make up part of the payment?”

Gu Qingyao’s eyes flickered. “Certainly, if they are antiques.”

The old lady’s eyes brightened. She hastily took out a small cloth bag from her clothes and brought out a pair of jade bangles.

These bangles were of fairly good quality, and were clear, with green flecks. They were not of the best quality, or at least, they were fairly inferior to those that she and Mo Beihan had obtained from Chen Jin.

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Later on, this pair would be worth about four hundred thousand dollars.

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