Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 633 - Strange Circumstances (1)

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Chapter 633: Strange Circumstances (1)

Qiao Yuying did not want to hear this. She had never had any feelings towards Huo Lin. In fact, she detested him!

Although he had been devoted to her for years and everyone thought he was deeply in love with her, she felt that he was a hypocrite.

Or perhaps she should say that she did not need his love. In fact, she would not condescend to accept it.

But she would not have met Gu Yunshen if not for him. When she thought about that, Qiao Yuying’s aversion towards Huo Lin lessened a little. Still, when she thought of that bastard’s motive for doing all those things for her, she felt nauseated.

Old Madam Qiao saw that she was resolute, so she said, “All right, all right, all right, I won’t say anymore. But, Yuying! You… you can’t remain single forever! Who do you fancy? Tell me, and I’ll bring them all here for you, all right?”

Old Madam doted on her daughter. She was not adamant that her daughter marry Huo Lin, but she felt that since that boy had remained devoted to her daughter for so many years, he might be a good choice.

But Huo Lin had been married before and had children. He even had a lover now. She objected to that. Even though the ex-wife and current lover all looked like her daughter, this had no power to vanquish her objections.

Qiao Yuying felt frustrated at the mention of her marriage.

She already had someone she liked and was already married. Something had happened when she gave birth, but she had not expected her parents to take her away while she was still unconscious. When she awoke, it was too late.

The child… was gone!

The thought of this broke Qiao Yuying’s heart.

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When Old Madam Qiao saw her daughter’s pained expression, she knew she must be thinking of the child.

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