Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 407 - The Mo Family Takes Care Of Them

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Chapter 407: The Mo Family Takes Care Of Them

With Gu Qingyao around, the Gu family’s meals improved significantly. Also with Third Uncle and Third Brother behind her, Zhou Ping behaved herself. She returned to her former life as a housewife.

The weather grew colder and in her hometown, the autumn harvest was almost over. The food was distributed earlier this year and once they got their share, Gu Yunshen sent some grain over.

Zhou Ping was even more pleased to receive the grain.

Together with Gu Yunshen’s parcel came news of Eldest Uncle’s family.

His family was doing fairly well in the northeast. Although the conditions there were harsher, nothing worse had happened. Gu Yunshen’s letter was very discreet, but Gu Qingyao understood that her father was telling her it was safe over there and she could send some things to her eldest uncle’s family.

Gu Qingyao was delighted. She could stop worrying now that she knew that Eldest Uncle’s family was fine.

She hurriedly sent some coarse and fine grain, some meat and dried vegetables, and also some cotton wool.

It was very cold in the northeast. It would be hard to get through winter without some cotton wool.

Meanwhile, in the capital.

Old Master Mo had received all the information about the Gu family and the Mo family.

Old Master Mo, Grandma Mo and the steward were all in the study. When Grandma Mo saw the information that had been sent over, she asked “Well? How are they doing over there?”

Old Master Mo read it first, then passed it over to Grandma Mo. He said, “Beihan’s mother’s name is Jiang Yingqiu. Her older brother is the brigade leader. Her family is fairly well off and as a child, Jiang Yingqiu was courteous and could read and write. In that area, she stood out from the other illiterate village girls.

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“Eldest One must have taken a fancy to Jiang Yingqiu because of her abilities. She’s fairly good-looking, and she stood out from among her peers. Also, because her family was well off, he would suffer less if he married a girl like that.”

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