Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 405 - A Filial Gift

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Chapter 405: A Filial Gift

Jiang Yiru smiled when she saw that Gu Qingyao had agreed.

“I’m glad you’ve agreed. Right now, our living conditions are rather simple, so we will dispense with the usual ceremonies. As long as you’ve agreed, we will be teacher and apprentice. I…”

“That won’t do,” Gu Qingyao said hurriedly. “Grandma Qin, since I’m going to be your apprentice, I have to observe the usual forms. I’m not just going to learn from you casually and ask for some advice here and there. I’m serious about this.

“Grandma Qin, wait for me. Over the next three days, I’ll go look for some good tea leaves. In three days time, I’ll come and formally kowtow to you and offer you tea. Even if we forgo the rest because of our poor living conditions, we cannot dispense with the tea ceremony.”

An aristocratic family like the Jiang family was especially particular about these rituals. At present, in many trades like calligraphy, painting, and medicine, whenever a teacher took on an apprentice, the latter had to kowtow and offer tea.

Considering Jiang Yiru’s status, she would certainly care about these things.

Since Gu Qingyao was going to be officially apprenticed to her, she could not neglect this area.

Jiang Yiru was taken aback but immediately smiled. She looked gratified as she said, “All right, I’ll wait.”

It was already late, so Gu Qingyao and Mo Beihan tidied up the precious stones and jewelry, and put them into the small baskets they carried on their backs, and into their own bags.

They did not take the box because it was too big and took up too much space.

The two of them left the house with the items. Then they turned a corner and once they reached a quiet spot, they placed everything in the interspace.

On the way home, Gu Qingyao was thinking about what present she should give once she took on her apprenticeship.

Although she was younger, and Jiang Yiru said she would give Gu Qingyao a gift to mark their first meeting, she also had to show her filial piety.

“Elder Brother Beihan, what do you think I should give?”

Mo Beihan looked at the excited little girl and said with a smile, “Just prepare something simple. Those two old people don’t lack valuable items. All they lack are the most simple items.

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“The weather is cold. Why don’t you make a set of clothes and shoes for each of them? Then, later on, you can take care of them and occasionally give them some fine grain, or other resources. That will suffice.”

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