Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 339 - Gu Jinlin: The Whole World Wants To Snatch His Younger Sister (3)

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Chapter 339: Gu Jinlin: The Whole World Wants To Snatch His Younger Sister (3)

In order to have tasty food, Ji Minghao even threw his face away. Everything could wait until he has eaten.

Gu Qingyao laughed as she watched the two people fight for food opposite her.

This fellow looked a little familiar!

He shared some resemblance with Ji Mingyue.

Actually, she did not know much about Ji Mingyue’s family and the only person she knew was the eldest brother, Ji Mingzhe, who was good friends with Mo Beihan.

Rather than saying good friends, they were more like friends who had been through life and death together. In the previous lifetime, these two people always helped each other and were important figures in the future.

They were very renowned in the capital.

As for the remaining people, Gu Qingyao did not know much.

In the previous lifetime, her social circle was rather closed up and she liked going to places where no one recognized them with Mo Beihan.

The surrounding onlookers were curious when they saw how happy they were eating.

“Eh! Let us try some too! Is it really that tasty?”

“That’s right! This younger sister is so good-looking so the food she makes must be delicious too, right?”

“Gu Jinlin, who is this? Introduce her to us!”

“She can’t be your future wife, right! You’re so old. Don’t scam a little girl!”

Gu Jinlin hurriedly stopped them when the comments became more ridiculous.

“Stop, stop, stop. This is my younger sister. She’s from my young uncle’s family. We only have this one younger sister in our family and I dote on her a lot! I’ll beat you all up if you all continue spouting nonsense!”

The crowd were taken aback. Younger sister?

The moment they heard that she was his younger sister, the surrounding men were like wolves – not only did they not stay away, they even acted more friendly.

“Ah! Elder Brother Gu, you’re so fortunate to have such a good younger sister!”

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“Yes, yes, yes. No wonder you’re in a good mood recently. So it’s because your younger sister is here.”

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