Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 320 - Last Hope: Escape (2)

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Chapter 320: Last Hope: Escape (2)

Although the Wang family was chased out, they could keep their furniture and fixtures which were moved here.

That old chest of Gu Ruoqing was in that small room now.

She rushed over to open the chest and removed the layers, where she finally found the money and coupons that she hid under a loose board.

Fortunately, the Wang family did not find out about this crack and the chest was not thrown away so her belongings were still there.

In addition to this money, she also brought all of Wang Mazi’s money and some food when she escaped. Wang Mazi had been living aimlessly outside for a long time and still had some family property. At the thought of the objects that she possessed, confidence rose in her.

She hurriedly packed a few clothes and went to Wang Guozhu’s room to take all the valuable items.

Wang Guozhu still had some spare cash at home as well as some clothes and shoes. He worked in the factory and was concerned about his reputation, thus there were still two sets of clothes from when he wore during his time as the director which he did not sell. Gu Ruoqing packed these as well.

Seeing what her daughter did, Zhang Xiaohui also went to pack her clothes as well.

Afterward, Gu Ruoqing ran to the kitchen, packed all the food and brought it with her.

The mother and daughter acted extremely swiftly. In less than half an hour, they looted the entire house of anything that could be sold for money, including clothes that were in slightly better condition and not patched up.

Zhang Xiaohui’s target destination was the North, so she took a deserted route to the North with Gu Ruoqing.

They did not have any recommendation letter nor money to take the train, so they could only go there on foot.

It was already two days later when Gu Qingyao heard this news.

She was dumbstruck!

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