Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 294 - Tragic Life After Marriage (3)

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Chapter 294: Tragic Life After Marriage (3)

And this was before they had added much furniture.

Zhou Hong had retained their old furniture and they had not managed to take much furniture when they moved. Now, Wang Guozhu had no money and could not buy furniture.

Gu Ruoqing hurriedly dashed to see her room. It was a far cry from the princess room she had imagined that pampered young ladies lived in.

The room was two meters wide and three meters long… no, in fact, it was less than three meters long. Inside it was a narrow single bed, and there was no other furniture.

Instead, many broken things were piled up in the room.

Besides a bed, the room had no table, cupboard, or chests. Instead, things were piled untidily in it. There was only a thin blanket on the bed. The bedsheets were also thin and stiff.


These conditions were far worse than in the Gu house!

“Father…” Gu Ruoqing screamed, “Why is my room so small? Where’s the furniture? I want a cupboard, a big one, and chests. I…”

“Where am I supposed to find a cupboard? Your room is only so big, you can’t fit any more things in it. Also, the rest of the house is small and we need space for other things. You’re a girl. How many things can you have? In the future, all these things will be placed in your room.”

Gu Ruoqing: “…”

She was completely shocked.

Zhang Xiaohui dashed to see their master bedroom. It was equally pathetic.

There was no cupboard, only a chest, and an old one too. The blankets were thin and she could tell at a glance that they were old. They had just gotten married, but even their sheets were old.

In the entire house, only the two old folks had a cupboard in their room. There were two old chairs in the living room. There was no table even…

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When they ate, they had to hold their bowls to eat…

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