Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 280 - Wang Guozhu Gets A Divorce (1)

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Chapter 280: Wang Guozhu Gets A Divorce (1)


“How can it be like that?”

Miao Cuilan was too excited and she raised her voice. Everyone around her was shocked.

Jiang Yingqiu raised her head to look at her.

Miao Cuilan then realised she overreacted. She controlled herself and said, “Don’t be silly. If Beihan did not support you, how are you going to survive with the two children?

“Beihan is raised by you and he should be filial to you. But your daughter-in-law is still an outsider. Won’t you pity the money that he spent on her?

“Furthermore, Xiao Rui and Xiao Xu are your grandsons, Beihan is your son. You’re a big family. Why should your son support others? I think Beihan’s salary should all be kept by you. When Gu Qingyao entered the family, she should work to earn her work points. Why would she need money when there is enough food at home?”

Jiang Yingqiu smiled and did not say anything.

Miao Cuilan was anxious, “I’m serious. Gu Qingyao is spoiled by the Gu family. I bet she doesn’t even know how to farm. She will have to rely on Beihan if she cannot earn work points.

“Young girls now spend on clothes, shoes, food. The amount she spends is enough for your whole family. Look at how good the material of her clothes is. Did Beihan ever buy you new clothes all these years?”

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People who were sitting around suddenly all kept silent and looked at Jiang Yingqiu.

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