Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: I Will Definitely Be Able to Support You!

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Mo Beihan’s heart raced at that sentence!

The girl before him was gorgeous – she had fair skin and especially beautiful eyes that sparkled when looking at him.

Now, at the sound of her intimate tone, it was as if his heart was drenched in honey as bliss bubbled inside him.

He had adored this girl in his previous life and had been waiting for her to grow up. Nevertheless, too many complications happened and they missed each other just like that.

The past him wished to be with her even in his dreams. However, he was reborn now and the girl before him did not hold any grudges nor have any fear that weighed on her mind persistently. Moreover, no one would insult and humiliate her. She was still an innocent and compassionate 15-year-old.

Oh, how he wished to hug, kiss and caress her.

However, Mo Beihan was aware that he could not do that at this timing or she would probably ignore him.

“I’m able… able to support you. I… I will not let you suffer!” Mo Beihan was so excited that he stuttered a little.

“Pfft…” Laughter escaped Gu Qingyao’s lips.

“Are you going to the mountains tomorrow?”

“Yes! I did not go far today as I mainly came out to obtain firewood since there’s not much left at home. I can go farther tomorrow and see whether I can hunt even more wild animals.”

“I’ll come with you! I want to look for vegetables and mushrooms.”

Mo Beihan frowned. “The mountain roads are not walk-friendly. I’ll bring whatever you want back. You can rest at home.”

He could not bear for Yao Yao to suffer. This girl was his and he naturally had to dote on her well.

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Gu Qingyao pursed her lips. “No. I want to go with you. It’s very boring at home.”

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