Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 263 - Mingyue The Glutton (4)

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Chapter 263: Mingyue The Glutton (4)

Ji Mingyue looked at her brother and was still unable to accept the fact.

In her memory, she had an extremely terrible impression of village ladies because of some people.

That distant cousin… Oh my, Ji Mingyue was getting the shudders just at the thought of that person!

Ji Mingyue looked at her eldest brother with a hurt expression. “I… He saved me before! I’ve always wanted to return the debt of saving my life and even thought that he treated me differently! In the end, he suddenly got engaged.”

Ji Mingzhe sighed. “He saved you because you are my younger sister. Furthermore, even if you’re a stranger, Beihan would still save you when he sees that you’re in danger. He does not expect you to return the favor. Now that he is engaged, that lady must be someone who he accepts. So, Mingyue, you must not make things difficult for your savior because that’s biting the hand that feeds you. Understand?”

Ji Mingyue was even more aggrieved. “I know. That’s why I acted like nothing happened when I came out just now. On one hand, it is to protect myself and on the other, I’m afraid it would affect him.”

“I… I just cannot accept it boohoo…”

“All right, all right!” Ji Mingzhe was not angry. In fact, he felt very sorry for this younger sister of his as anyone would be upset if someone they liked got engaged to someone else.

Watching his younger sister grow up, he was fully aware of her character. She was very good, really very good!

“All right. Don’t cry anymore. I will bring you to eat good food. It’s bad for your body to cry so much. I will bring you to nourish your body, all right?”

“Really?” There were still tears on Ji Mingyue’s eyelashes but her eyes lit up!

Ji Mingzhe’s lips twitched.

His younger sister was a glutton. No matter what major things happened, she would instantly be all right after a good meal!

Ji Mingzhe replied in a pampering tone, “Yes, really. I previously got some meat and I already handed it to the chef in the dining hall to make a whole air-dry chicken. All of it is for you!”

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Ji Mingyue’s eyes brightened instantly!

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