Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 261 - Mingyue The Glutton (2)

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Chapter 261: Mingyue The Glutton (2)

The past Mo Beihan did not have the ruggedness of a farmer class, and instead had a natural noble air to him, had a cold front and was difficult to get along with. However… he definitely was not as scary as right now.

The current him exuded the power of a superior which frightened Ji Mingyue!

Oh my!

When did this fellow become so powerful?

This demeanor was simply even more powerful than her father. What… happened?

“What… do you want? Why are you looking at me with this expression? I… I…”

Mo Beihan’s tone was cold. “That is my fiancée. I will not be nice to anyone who speaks ill of her in front of me. You are not welcomed here. Get out quickly!”

Ji Mingyue’s eyes reddened at once.

Mo Beihan got along well with her elder brother and she also saw him frequently. She still thought that Mo Beihan treated her a little differently!

But now…

“You… I’m only concerned about you. Tell me, why did you get engaged? Did your family force you? You…”

“No!” Mo Beihan replied simply. “We grew up together since young. My mother and I are very satisfied with her. Understand?”

Ji Mingyue’s eyes turned even redder. “But… I like you too! We have known each other for so long…”

Mo Beihan had a stunned expression.

“You like me?” Mo Beihan was surprised.

Did this girl like him in the previous lifetime?

Mo Beihan recalled carefully but nothing came to his mind!

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Ji Mingyue: …

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