Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 243 - : Study Together (2)

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Chapter 243: Study Together (2)

Gu Qingyao smiled, “Teacher, you’re more skilled now.”

“Hahaha!” Zhou Bingsheng laughed loudly. He loved calligraphy and liked when people say that he was more advanced in calligraphy and painting.

“Come on, you can also draw a picture to see if you were lazy recently.”

Zhou Bingsheng handed the brush to Gu Qingyao, and stood a little away.

Gu Qingyao took the brush and took another piece of white paper and started drawing.

She had a very high level of calligraphy in her previous life. Now that she had the memory of her previous life, her level of calligraphy and painting was not comparable to that of a little girl now. But in order to appear normal, she hid her real skills.

Ten minutes later, a landscape painting was completed.

This time, she obviously painted much faster than the Gu Qingyao from before, and her skills and artistic conception improved.

Zhou Bingsheng looked at her paintings; his eyes brightened. “Good! Good! You are indeed talented. You will definitely be extraordinary in the future.”

Ke Min looked at the work in front of her and smiled. “This kid has improved too fast. This talent… is really incomparable to ordinary people. It seems that she practices very often as well!”

“Mr Zhou, you really have a good apprentice!”

“Haha!” Zhou Bingsheng felt more proud now.

Zhou Bingsheng was very happy with Gu Qingyao’s progress, and gave her a lot of advice. The master and disciple talked for more than two hours before it ended.

Zhou Bingsheng said, “Okay, Let’s end here today. Go back and think about what I said; practice more. You will definitely understand.”

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“Yes, Teacher.”

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