Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 240 - Gu Yunshuang: Although I Beat You, I Was Good To You (7)

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Chapter 240: Gu Yunshuang: Although I Beat You, I Was Good To You (7)

“I… she’s my mother. As her daughter-in-law, it’s your duty to be filial to her! Mother is so old, you can’t possibly expect her to do the housework? It wasn’t easy for her to raise me. Although I did not help you in this respect, I’ve otherwise always been good to you! Yunshuang, don’t you understand me after so many years?”

Gu Yunshuang smiled. She was not sad. She just rejoiced that she had finally left this household.

She had no desire to talk to him anymore. Gu Yunshuang held Gu Fangting’s hand and turned to leave.

Li Dahai immediately advanced and caught hold of her. “Yunshuang, don’t go. Come back with me and apologize to Mother. She will certainly forgive you…”

Gu Yunshuang turned, with her hand raised. She mercilessly slapped Li Dahai’s face.


It was so loud!

Li Dahai was shocked. He held his face and looked at Gu Yunshuang in disbelief.

“Yun… Yunshuang, you… you hit me?”

Gu Yunshuang curled her lip. “Although I beat you, I was good to you!”

When he heard that, Li Dahai was unable to respond for a long time.

Gu Yunshuang laughed coldly. Then she tugged at Gu Fangting and left.

Li Dahai panicked when he saw Gu Yunshuang leave. It was as if he was losing something. He instinctively grabbed Gu Yunshuang. “Yunshuang, don’t… I… come home with me! We can discuss it at home. As a woman raising her child in her natal home, you will be despised. Come back with me. I’ll bring you to apologize to Mother and she will certainly allow you to return. Yunshuang…”

“Fourth Brother, Little Feng, Li Dahai is here. Fourth Brother…”

Gu Yunshuang did not want to listen to his nonsense. Since she could not get rid of him, she just shouted for Gu Yunshen and Gu Jinfeng.

Gu Yunshen and Gu Jinfeng were both at home. They rushed out when they heard the shouts from beyond the courtyard. How dare that bastard come here!

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Gu Jinfeng had been trained outside the village. But he was in the house whereas Gu Yunshen was working by the well in the courtyard, so the latter arrived first.

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