Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 214 - Engagement Dinner (6)

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Chapter 214: Engagement Dinner (6)

Mo Beihan had brought two dried chickens, two dried rabbits, two dried fish, ten kilograms of pork, ten kilograms of pork ribs, sixty eggs, twenty kilograms of tofu and ten kilograms of rice.

There were also ten meters of cloth and ten kilograms of cotton wool.

Gu Qingyao’s family had been good to her in her last life. Mo Beihan was well aware that whenever Yao Yao had anything good in this life, she would certainly give generously to her family. But whenever she brought out something, she must be able to explain where she got it from.

Now there were so many children in the Gu family, her Younger Aunt and her younger cousin. It was the middle of winter and Mo Beihan felt that giving cloth and cotton wool would meet their most urgent needs.

In any case, people in these times were not particular. Any nicer item could be used as a gift.

He had already restrained himself. But when he brought out all these things, everyone was shocked.

It was still early, and the other guests had not yet arrived. But even the Gu family was amazed when they saw these things.

Especially Eldest Aunt, Third Aunt, and her older cousins. Eldest Uncle and Third Uncle were similarly amazed.

“So… so much?”

When Third Aunt, Zhou Ping, saw all these nice things, she was at a loss.

In all her years, this was her first time seeing so many nice things. This was just an engagement. One must know that many people just gave two hundred kilograms of coarse grain in exchange for a bride.

Even a family in slightly better circumstances might just add a little fine grain.

This was the first time in her life that she witnessed the groom’s family give so many things. And it was just an engagement!

Although he had only given ten kilograms of rice, there was so much meat and vegetables…

Mo Beihan smiled. Yao Yao was his darling. Of course, he would ensure that he honored her amply.

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“Third Aunt, these are for the banquet. There’s more outside for the brigade members. We’re just getting engaged, and not throwing a large banquet. We’ll just cook a little for the brigade to share our joy.”

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