Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 206 - The Brothers Are All Back To Pay A Visit (7)

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Chapter 206: The Brothers Are All Back To Pay A Visit (7)

Gu Yunjing glanced at Li Dahai. He could view other’s actions with a calm eye, but this was his younger sister’s husband. He looked honest and frank, but he had kicked his younger sister until she had lost her child, and had looked on indifferently his family bullied his own wife.

Li Dahai shuddered uncontrollably as this pair of bloodshot eyes glared at him. Gu Yunjing had no wish to reason with people like that. It would be best to just swiftly cut the ties between his younger sister and a man like this.

“Li Dahai, come here and write a certificate to prove that you’ve divorced my sister. Then I can transfer my younger sister’s accounts away. And as for your daughter, the Li family must also break off ties with her and write a certificate to prove it. We cannot allow things to remain in a muddle. Otherwise, take the child and raise her yourself.”


Li Dahai had not said anything yet, but Old Madam Li was taken aback!

They were here just to get some divorce certificate?

Old Madam Li immediately burst out laughing. She looked disdainfully at the Gu family. Truly, they were bad elements from a landlord family. What a bunch of useless creatures.

“Hurry up and write it for him. When you’re done, ask those two jinxes to get lost. They are not to bother the Li family in the future.”

Old Madam Li had been beaten last night, and was in a bad mood. Now that she saw Gu Yunshuang and Li Fangting, she felt even more contemptuous. She just wanted to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Li Dahai had no opinions of his own, but Old Madam Li was intent on getting rid of Gu Yunshuang. So this matter was dealt with smoothly.

In the end, a literate young fellow from the Poplar Brigade wrote the certificate. When he was done, he read it out to everyone present. Li Aiguo was illiterate, so he could only listen as someone read it to him.

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Lastly, Gu Yunshuang and Li Dahai signed their names and added their thumbprints.

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