Rebirth: Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Xiao Anyang, 萧安阳

Chapter 205 - The Brothers Are All Back To Pay A Visit (6)

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Chapter 205: The Brothers Are All Back To Pay A Visit (6)

Old Madam Li had done very well over the past few years. Emancipated serfs sing proudly. She had not dreamt that she would attain such a lofty status one day!

Over the years, she had grown used to her lofty position. But last night, someone had dared to hit her!

The crux was not that someone had beat her, or that someone had poured cold water over her, but that others were mocking her!

Actually, Old Madam Li still shivered at the thought of what had happened last night. But she was a proud woman. Although she was afraid, she would not allow others to make fun of her.

She knew that last night’s incident was already common knowledge and everyone was discussing it fervently. How could she bear such embarrassment?

She had been terrified last night, and drenched in cold water. Now she was running a high fever and was very ill.

But when she heard that the Gu family was here to get even, Old Madam Li immediately jumped up.

My God!

A landlord and a family of bad elements dared to make trouble for the Li family? She would see what this Gu family could do!

Old Madam Li was so ill that she could barely stand, but she called her sons to carry her out. She heard that the Gu Family had gone to the brigade leader’s home, so the Li family also made for Li Aiguo’s house.

Along the way, Old Madam Li continued to berate Li Dahai. “It’s all your fault for marrying that jinx. She hasn’t had a single son after so many years in our family, but only gave birth to another useless mouth. Look at your brothers, which of them has girls?

“Now look what’s happened. It doesn’t end with a divorce. She dares to bring her brothers here to make trouble? She’s a girl from a landlord family. She’s incredibly lucky to marry into our Li Family. She’s not only ungrateful, but she also dares to come to make trouble. How dare she!

“Has she ever shown any respect for you as a husband?

“It’s the new year and we Lis are being humiliated by that jinx!”

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She scolded Li Dahai so hard that he dared not raise his head.

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